What makes a High-Performance team different from others? Is there any framework or way to build a high-performance team? We all know agile as a framework. Does it help us to build the High-Performance Team? If you and your team follow the agile framework, can just following agile make your teams a high-performance team? In my experience with agile, I have seen teams follow agile by the book, and they do not want to deviate from what they read in the book. Sometimes in teams, it is merely an agile process just for its sake or pushed top to bottom. For me, Agile is a philosophy that enables teams/individuals to be better. You can reap the benefits of agile if you follow it unrestrainedly. We must show agility in our thought process rather than in the work process. Now the question is, if agile is a philosophy to follow, then how does it help us? Do we see agile in real life from which we can learn?  

Let us answer these questions with a relatable example of a weight loss journey and co-relate that to your agile team. I chose this as an example to answer questions because I believe you will relate to this example even though you have or are not going through this journey.

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