Azure Service Bus Dead-letter Queues

What is the Azure Service Bus Queue?

Queues are a very common piece of infrastructure. It offers First In, First Out (FIFO) message delivery to one or more competing consumers. As the queue grows the last item added to the queue typically must wait longer to be processed. Just like someone waiting in line to order food, the first one in line gets to order first. Microsoft Azure Service Bus (ASB) is Microsoft’s premier enterprise-level messaging technology that uses this principle of FIFO.

Types of Queues:

  • Primary queue called main queue or active queue.
  • Secondary sub-queue called a dead-letter queue (DLQ). 

Main Queue

ASB queues always have two parties involved-a producer and a consumer. The producer pushes the messages into the queue, while the consumer periodically polls for messages and consumes them. The main queue holds the messages until it is consumed or moved to the dead-letter queue.

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