Building on Ethereum (Part 1): Decisions

In this series, I’ll be discussing the phases of a project encompassing a non-trivial set of Ethereum smart contracts and the React/Redux application that communicates with them. The project, called In-App Pro Shop, aims to help Ethereum developers easily support in-app purchases, and it was written over the last half of 2018 as a way of learning about the Ethereum development ecosystem. This project revealed many aspects of the power and constraints of Ethereum and its programming language Solidity. I hope to pass as much of that on to you as possible in this series.

The Goal

I wanted to create a system wherein developers of Ethereum-based apps or games with in-app purchases could mint the items they sell as ERC-721 tokens (like CryptoKitties). It would handle most of the heavy lifting so that those developers could get on with the business of writing a kick-ass product.

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