Every digital aspect comes with a security risk if not handled properly. With billions of people using online and digital technologies worldwide, there are ample opportunities for hackers to break the security wall and create unrest all around. Cybersecurity news has become too frequent these days. We see bitcoin mining, credit card credential stealing, injecting malicious code into the systems, stealing confidential data, etc. In today’s digital world, it is not just about having speed, reaching your customers quickly, easy setup, mind-blowing features, etc., but rather, it is about how safe or secure your systems, data, or features are.

What is Cybersecurity?

The approach and practice of securing electronic data, networks, computer systems, and any form of digital infrastructure from malicious attacks is known as Cybersecurity. Banks, educational institutions, tech companies, government agencies, publishing media houses, hospitals, and every sector invest in cybersecurity infrastructure to protect their customer data, secrets, and business intelligence from attackers.

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