Do you love your job? I am sure that you have thought of this question before, or perhaps someone might have asked you this question. I agree that it is a simple question, and it has simple words in it. But were you able to answer that? If you have never tried to answer that, please try now. If you have a satisfying answer within you, then that is amazing. Unfortunately, if you can’t answer that positively or are uncertain, please read this post.


If you want to see some tips to become a successful software engineer, I strongly recommend that you read my post here. Until now, I’ve worked with many companies, including startups and multinational companies. After joining a company, I asked this question “Do I love this job?”, “Is it what I am capable of?”, and “Is this work challenging me?” Sometimes, the answer to these questions came in the form of my resignations. In this 7-year span, I have learned a few things, and I am happy to share that information with you all. You can always see the articles related to career advice here.

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