With 88 percent of companies adopting low-code as a standard for developing applications and 74 percent of those companies planning to integrate business lines into the application development lifecycle, it is clear that companies are embracing this technology to relieve the pressure in application demand. And now your boss has told you that low-code development is the new way, and you need to break the news to your team.

Some of your existing developers may be skeptical about low-code, saying things like, "Low-code is beneath my skill set", "I’ve tried this before and it doesn’t work; I always end up coding anyway", or "I can code faster than this." What they often don’t realize is that low-code development makes their lives easier and aids them in achieving what they’ve always wanted, to make an impact on their organization in a fundamental way. This is the goal, right? So how can you get developers to buy into using a low-code platform?

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