Geospatial Search, How Do I Use Thee? Let Me Count the Ways.

Couchbase Full Text Search (FTS) is a great tool for indexing and querying geospatial data. In this article, I’ll present a geospatial search use case and demonstrate the various ways that we can perform a search of location data using the Couchbase Full Text Search service. I’ll be using Couchbase Server Enterprise Edition 6.6 (running locally in Docker ) to create an FTS index on my sample geospatial dataset and then run geospatial queries against the index.

My family has always enjoyed visiting and exploring Great Smoky Mountains National Park (or GRSM, the National Park Service’s abbreviation), and one day we might be interested in relocating there. But you can’t live in the national park, so we need to consider the various cities and towns near the park and make a short list of the ones to evaluate and possibly visit.

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