At Grakn, we recently released Grakn 1.3, with a slew of new features, bug fixes, and performance enhancements. Included in this release are new gRPC-based drivers for Java, NodeJS, and Python. This article will walk you through the Python driver and provide guidelines on how you can write your own for your language of choice.


The main reason for rewriting our drivers was a move from REST to gRPC in Grakn. This change has cleaned up our API and should provide performance benefits. Further, all of our available drivers (Java, Node, and Python) now expose the same objects and methods to users, subject to language naming conventions and available types. To maintain this uniformity across the stack, new language drivers should provide the same interface. Note that you will require both gRPC and protobuf support to create a functioning driver, so double check a) that compilers for your language exist, and b) your target language version is compatible with the compiler.

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