You must have seen videos on Youtube or posts on your news feed in which certain texts or a person’s face is blurred. Well, that’s how our digital privacy is ensured by simplest of technologies.
But think about it, in an age of Machine Learning, can’t your digital privacy be easily breached? The answer is a big "Yes," and a team of researchers at the University of Texas has proven that. They have developed a software that can identify the sensitive content hidden behind blurred or pixelated images. The content can be someone’s house or vehicle number, or simply a human face.

Interestingly, the team hasn’t used some state of the art technology to do it. It has instead used Machine Learning methods to train the neural networks. So instead of being programmed, the computer has been fed with large volumes of sample images. The algorithm used doesn’t actually unblur or restore the image. It identifies the content of the blurred image based on the information it already has.

Source de l’article sur DZONE (AI)

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