Co-working spaces are booming, with some 2.5m sq ft of co-working space in London alone at the moment. That’s an increase of 190% in the last year. Whilst the rise in the gig economy is an undeniable factor in this trend, there is also the promise of co-working providers that working in their facilities will make your work more creative and more effective. Great effort is put into designing spaces that are built to support innovation.

It’s a concept that has a lot to rationally support it. There is a strong need for flexible workspaces, and most facilities do look like superb places to plug into and work. Do they actually deliver on their promise though? Is the hype in the marketing material matched by reality on the ground? That was the question recently posed in a new paper by Creative Friction and the London School of Economics.

Source de l’article sur DZone (Agile)

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