In this article, I will share the steps to create a plugin in nopCommerce 4.40 including debugging of plugin install-uninstall and PreparePluginToUninstall methods. To demonstrate this, I am using the visual studio 2019 version 16.9.0. NopCommerce 4.40 has been upgraded to .NET 5 & C# 9 and many other features

In this article, I will create a simple plugin with the install-uninstall without any other features. But, it’s better to understand how the nopCommerce plugin is working and how you can debug the install-uninstall method of nopCommerce. This is because if you’re going to directly develop features, it will create a small problem. So, better we understand it first. Otherwise, you are maybe facing issues like I made a change in my HTML view, but you won’t see the impact on-page.

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