How to Save Money, Time, and More With Test Environment Management Tools

Companies today are becoming more and more application-driven, which in turn is making every company today a software company – whether they know it yet or not. With this, companies are having to issue more application releases than ever before, and their software delivery cycles are increasingly complex. Therefore, in order to cope with the number of applications they are supporting, large enterprises now need hundreds and sometimes thousands of test environments. But as the number of environments continues to rise, successfully managing them all is becoming more and more challenging by the day.

A recent survey conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), titled the EMA 2018 Test Environment Management Survey, found that only 4% of large enterprises have fully integrated test environment management (TEM) processes in the DNA of their application development, despite the overarching benefits that TEM tools can bring to businesses across a range of industries. Given the speed and efficiency improvements that TEM tools provide, the question should be asked, why aren’t more businesses integrating them effectively or even at all?

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