Know How AI Helps Transform Your Software Delivery and Testing Practices

Software Testing and Quality Assurance is like a wakeup call in the Software Development Lifecycle. It keeps nudging over intervals and enhances the software delivery process. Software Testing and the QA scene has been transforming over the last decade, especially with practices such as Agile, Shift-left, and DevOps. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has added another spin to this game, focusing on speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Can AI transform software delivery and testing? That’s a doubt that has been clarified very well. Let’s look at ways in which AI can change the game for software delivery and testing.

AI can bring in value for the development teams with shift-left practices that enable the software development process. While AI might do the needful, it is important to ensure that the practices followed for delivery and testing are effective and are able to leverage the power of AI. Hence, it is very much essential to embed trust in the processes and ensure that there is effective validation and verification.

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