Have you ever thought about how your mail inbox is so smart that it can filter Spams, label important emails or conversations, and segregate promotional, social, and primary messages? There is a complex algorithm in place for this kind of prediction and this algorithm comes under the wide umbrella of Machine Learning. The formula looks at the words in the subject line, the links included in the mail, and/or patterns in the recipient’s list. Now, this method is definitely helping the business of email providers and such predictive (as well as prescriptive) algorithms can help all kinds of businesses. But first, let’s define exactly what Machine Learning (ML) is.

What Is Machine Learning?

Simply put, ML is all about understanding, mostly hidden, data and statistics and then mining meaningful insights from this raw dataset. The analytical method that uses algorithms can help solve intricate data-rich business problems.

Source de l’article sur DZONE (AI)

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