Migrating From Commons CLI to Picocli

Apache Commons CLI, initially released in 2002, is perhaps the most widely-used Java command line parser, but its API shows its age. Applications looking for a modern approach with a minimum of boilerplate code may be interested in Picocli. Why is it worth the trouble to migrate, and how do you migrate your Commons CLI-based application to Picocli? Picocli offers a fluent API with strong typing, usage help with ANSI colors, autocompletion, and a host of other features. Let’s take a look using Checkstyle as an example. (Note: as the author of Picocli, it is fair to say I am biased.)

Why Migrate?

Is migrating from Commons CLI to Picocli worth the trouble? What is the benefit of moving from one command line parser to another? Is this more than just redecorating the living room of our application?

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