Payara Server 5.193.1 is now Jakarta EE 8 Full Profile compatible!

We are very happy to report that we’ve successfully passed all of nearly 50,000 test suites of Jakarta EE 8 TCK, and Payara Server 5.193.1 is Jakarta EE 8 Full Profile compatible!

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The Payara team is extremely proud to be among the first to achieve Jakarta EE 8 Full Platform Compatibility, starting with Payara Platform 5.193.1. This is a significant milestone for Payara, and the team has done a huge amount of work to get this done. I think this is a great adoption story for Jakarta EE, in general, as Payara Server is not a Java EE 8 implementation. Furthermore, this shows that Jakarta EE is an open standard and can bring in new organizations and implementations.

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