Agile – Roots and Current State

When the concept of Agile delivery was originally designed, it primarily focused on improving software development for small teams where nimbleness and efficiency were more easily attainable. However, with the spread of Agile in the software development community, more large enterprises desired to gain the efficiency and speed associated with Agile teams. Unfortunately for large enterprises, staying nimble and flexible while delivering code is difficult with all the established bureaucracy. However, as Agile has matured it has provided a method for large enterprises to maintain nimbleness and speed for delivering code.

To understand how Agile can improve software delivery for large enterprises, it’s important to understand traditional project management and how it differs from Agile. Most large enterprises use traditional project management guidelines due to strict constraints associated with their projects, which usually impact the entire enterprise. They use these constraints in an attempt to maintain quality in the product they are delivering. These three constraints are the following:

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