Our second SnapLogic Technology Open House had a bit of a twist to it, which I’ll get to later. I’m pleased to say we had a good 40+ attendees joining us from around the Bay Area. To start things off, I introduced some of our innovation projects and spoke about the origins of Iris technology, which was originally just a research project.

Next, the story of SnapLogic’s Iris AI was presented by Jump Ananpiriyakul, our machine learning expert. Jump’s presentation, “Cooking with AI/ML at SnapLogic” highlighted the journey of Iris through the lens of cooking the famous Thai dish, Tom Yum Kung. During his presentation, Jump gave an overview of the SnapLogic Platform and a live demo that showcased exactly how Iris AI and the Enterprise Integration Cloud works. He also showed how we use our own platform in the construction of machine learning models. Hearing him talk about how Iris is being used today and about the potential future applications of AI was a definite highlight for a lot of our guests.

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