Steps to Manage Business Data From Scratch


  • Step 1: Know Yourself

  • Step 2: Build a Complete Data Environment
    • 1. Set Standards
    • 2. Build Platforms
    • 3. Control Key Links
  • Step 3: Perform Business Analysis
    • 1. Set Clear KPIs
    • 2. Build a Complete Indicator System
    • 3. Set a Reporting System
    • 4. Create Basic Inquiry Reports
    • 5. Create Business Reports
    • 6. Create Strategy Reports
    • 7. Build Analysis System
  • Conclusion

In the Internet era, every company in the world has a bunch of data, but not all companies can manage this data and then make intelligent decisions. How can we make the most of this data for our business and drive our business forward? What exactly can we do to harness the power of our data?

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