8 Awesome Black Friday 2020 Deals for Designers (Up to 94% Off!)

If you’re interested in a sneak peek of this year’s best Black Friday deals, stick around. You’ll find a few web designers’ favorites, including a stellar deal or two.

This year, more than a few of the popular retail outlets are shifting away from the traditional “camp out all night and bust open the doors when the store opens” shopping model. You might just prefer this less chaotic, ecommerce approach.

All of us are trying to adjust to what may eventually become a “new normal”. We may not like some aspects of this new normal, but there are bright spots as well.

More shoppers are likely going to shop online because of the coronavirus. That means you don’t have to fight the crowds while desperately attempting to socially distance. The shelves aren’t as apt to go bare, and shopping is easy, convenient, and safe.

1. Slider Revolution

You will find the Slider Revolution plugin incorporated in a host of WordPress theme tools and products. This premium plugin can in fact boast of more than 7 million users around the globe.

What you may not be aware of is that it is much more than just a WordPress slider. With it in your web design toolbox, you can in fact create just about anything you can imagine.

Expect to find:

  • A stunning selection of elements including sliders and carousels;
  • Attention-getting hero sections designed to make your home pages really stand out;
  • Single-page websites with layouts unlike anything you’ve seen before;
  • Modular structuring that allows you to rearrange and reuse sections however you choose and the ability to mix and match modules with any WordPress content;
  • Add-ons whose cutting edge features push the boundaries of web design possibilities.

There’s more of course. To celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday you can NOW get any Slider Revolution subscription plan or one-time payment at a 33% discount.

Just click on the banner and use the BLACKFRIDAY code at checkout.

2. Amelia

When done manually, booking and managing appointments can be tedious and subject to mistakes and errors. Amelia provides an automated booking process that is oh-so easy to work with and is error free; just what you need to help you acquire more happy customers.

Key features of Amelia’s fully responsive design include:

  • A dashboard system that enables you to track approved and pending appointments, booking changes, and revenue;
  • Zoom Integration, Google Calendar, and Outlook Calendar sync;
  • The ability to accept and easily manage recurring appointments that customers can schedule;
  • Front-end customer and employee appointment and event managing and backend appointment adding, editing, and rescheduling;
  • Email notifications for pending and approved appointments and events.

And much more that will save you loads of energy and a ton of time. Give Amelia a try, and if you like what you see (and you will), take advantage of the 30% Black Friday discount.

3. wpDataTables

wpDataTables 3.0, with its fresh, new look, gives you a host of different ways to generate attractive, customizable, and responsive tables and charts, and a host of different ways to present them.

  • Tables can be created from most data sources, the most common being MySQL query, PHP array, Google Spreadsheet, Excel files CSV files, and JSON and XML inputs;
  • A working knowledge of SQL is not required!
  • Addons include Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, Report Builder, and Powerful Filter;
  • wpDataTables users can generate Tables and Charts quickly from massive amounts of data (saving hours of effort);
  • Tables and charts are customizable and maintainable (editable once placed in use);
  • Tables can be created manually if you wish.

Click on the banner now and take advantage of wpDataTables 30% Black Friday discount on all licenses and addons.

4. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

In TheGem, the ultimate WordPress multipurpose toolbox, you will find:

  • A rich selection of 400+ premium pre-built multi-page and one-page websites, all available for Elementor and WPBakery page builders;
  • The ability to mix and match any of this demos, layouts and page sections to create your own unique look;
  • Extended WooCommerce layouts & tools for making online shops, which convert better;
  • TheGem Blocks: an ultimate tool for building webpages at the speed of light.

And much more. Just click on the banner and check this 5-star product out.

5. Mobirise Website Builder

Creating a Google-friendly can take time, unless you have Mobirise at your fingertips, in which case you have a number of helpful tools to speed things up.

  • No coding, it’s all drag and drop;
  • 3,600+ website templates are at your disposal plus sliders, popups, forms, and more;
  • Many eCommerce features, including a shopping cart;
  • Latest Google Amp and Bootstrap4;
  • You can download Mobirise for free.

And, because it’s Black Friday, everything is yours at a 94% discount!

6. Get Illustrations

Get Illustrations offers royalty free and landing page Illustrations ready to drag and drop into your web design. You’ll have access to:

  • An extensive library of 4000+ illustrations with more added every week;
  • A wealth of design formats, including AI, PNG, SVG, Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch;
  • Free updates and new illustrations weekly (included in the bundle).

Click on the banner and use the Coupon Code BLACKDEAL for your 30% discount.

7. XStore | Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

For anyone planning on creating an eCommerce store, the XStore name says it all. Key features you’ll find in this powerful and flexible WooCommerce theme include:

  • More than 95 good-to-go-shops plus a full AJAX shop to get you started;
  • 300+ pre-defined shop/page sections, a header builder, and a single product page builder;
  • Elementor, WPBakery and $510+ worth of premium plugins.

Click on the banner and sign up to become one of XStore’s 55,000+ happy customers.

8. Kalium – Creative Theme For Multiple Uses

Kalium is an easy-to-use, easily maintainable multipurpose theme for WordPress users that is always updated to use the latest WordPress standards.

  • Kalium provides its users with a host of professionally-designed pre-built demos and elements;
  • Many plugins such as: Slider Revolution, WPBakery, Elementor, Layer Slider, Advanced Custom Fields PRO, Product Filter for WooCommerce, Product Size Guide,WooCommerce and other premium plugins are included.

Kalium is responsive, GDPR compliant, and gives you full eCommerce and top-quality customer support. It has a 5-star rating after 36k sales on ThemeForest – seriously impressive!


If you hit the retail stores remember to social distance.

Or, if you would rather take a brief break from the demands of Covid-19, take advantage of one or more of the above ecommerce sales. As you can see, there are some excellent ones!


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Pourquoi choisir une stratégie hybride pour passer au cloud

Les solutions de données basées sur le cloud présentent clairement des avantages, notamment une meilleure flexibilité, une collaboration plus efficace, des coûts réduits et la possibilité de changer d’échelle. Mais ce n’est pas parce que vous voulez passer au cloud afin d’en tirer tous les avantages que vous devez faire une croix sur vos investissements sur site existants.

Une stratégie hybride permet de combiner « le meilleur des deux mondes ». Avec cette approche, vous pouvez évoluer vers le cloud tout en protégeant vos investissements sur site existants. C’est là qu’interviennent SAP Data Warehouse Cloud et SAP HANA Cloud. Ces deux solutions ouvertes se connecteront en toute transparence à votre environnement sur site actuel pour l’étendre au cloud.

Voyons les avantages que présente une stratégie hybride avec SAP Data Warehouse Cloud et SAP HANA Cloud.

Pourquoi choisir SAP HANA Cloud  ?

Gérez des volumes croissants de données tout en réduisant vos coûts de stockage

Le lac de données intégré de SAP HANA Cloud réduit les coûts de stockage et d’analyse des données. Aussi, faites des économies en y conservant vos données. Vous pourrez par la suite y accéder à distance quand vous le souhaitez. Peu importe le volume de vos données, le lac de données est conçu pour le prendre en charge.

Connectez-vous facilement à toutes les sources de données

SAP HANA Cloud est une solution de gestion multi-cloud qui simplifie l’accès aux données quelles qu’elles soient et quelle qu’en soit la source au moyen d’une passerelle unique. SAP HANA Cloud est directement utilisable avec ses agents de mise à disposition des données qui permettent de se connecter à plusieurs sources cloud et magasins d’objets. Quant à la fonctionnalité Smart Data Access (SDA), elle vous offre un accès aux données en temps réel pour tous vos systèmes sur site et cloud à l’aide de tables virtuelles, tout en vous permettant de maîtriser vos coûts.

Stockage In-Memory économique

Le lac de données de SAP HANA Cloud est une simple méthode pour réduire les coûts de stockage. Pour optimiser votre stockage In-Memory actuel sur site, vous pouvez transférer des charges de travail vers SAP HANA Cloud aux fins de traitement et virtualiser l’accès à vos données, tout en gardant vos données sur site.

Faites évoluer votre puissance de calcul ou votre stockage

Lorsque votre entreprise connaît une croissance rapide, vous devez faire changer l’échelle de votre stockage de données et de votre puissance de calcul en conséquence. Étendez rapidement votre productivité sur site sans avoir à investir dans du matériel supplémentaire. Avec SAP HANA Cloud, boostez vos capacités de stockage et améliorez votre puissance de calcul dès que vous en avez besoin. C’est aussi simple que ça !

Pourquoi Geberit a lancé une nouvelle stratégie hybride avec SAP HANA Cloud

À l’instar de nombreuses multinationales performantes, les données sont essentielles pour Geberit. Pour exploiter plus facilement ses données, le leader européen des produits sanitaires a placé SAP HANA Cloud au cœur de sa nouvelle stratégie hybride en matière de données. Grâce à cette solution, l’entreprise a pu rationaliser son environnement informatique et supprimer le besoin en middleware. Aujourd’hui, elle peut accéder à ses données en temps réel de manière centralisée pour prendre des décisions éclairées en temps voulu.

«SAP HANA Cloud sera le point central pour le reporting au sein notre environnement de données. C’est la version unique de vérité qui réunit toutes nos sources de données et qui nous fournit la visibilité dont nous avons besoin.»
– Marius Reck, directeur des applications de support informatique

Pourquoi choisir SAP Data Warehouse Cloud pour étendre votre environnement

Responsabilisez vos utilisateurs et donnez plus d’impact à votre travail

Responsabilisez vos utilisateurs afin qu’ils puissent connecter, modéliser et visualiser les données par eux-mêmes avec SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Dotée d’une interface utilisateur intuitive et d’une couche métier, cette solution facilite la modélisation des données avec SQL ou un outil graphique par glisser-déposer. Les espaces, quant à eux, fournissent un environnement isolé dans lequel les utilisateurs peuvent modéliser et combiner des ensembles de données mondiaux avec des données locales, par exemple des fichiers CSV.

Grâce à la centralisation et à la virtualisation de SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, les utilisateurs peuvent accéder aux données dont ils ont besoin sans que l’équipe informatique ait à les répliquer et à les exporter. Vous avez besoin d’améliorer un modèle en vue de sa réutilisation dans l’entreprise ? Rien de plus simple. Votre équipe informatique peut y accéder à tout moment pour le mettre à jour, sans avoir à le reconstruire dans un environnement différent.

Répondez plus rapidement aux utilisateurs

Trouvez le bon équilibre entre gouvernance centrale sécurisée, demandes de changement à la volée et responsabilisation des utilisateurs grâce aux espaces de SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Les espaces sont des environnements isolés dans lesquels les utilisateurs peuvent explorer les données. Dans la fonction de gestion des espaces, l’équipe informatique peut configurer et ajuster très facilement les connexions aux données, l’accès utilisateur et les quotas de calcul/stockage de chaque espace. Étant donné que chaque espace est isolé, les données restent gérées de manière centralisée et connectées en temps réel aux données sous-jacentes de l’entreprise. Dans leur espace, les utilisateurs ont la possibilité d’établir des connexions à de nouvelles sources de données, charger des fichiers locaux et modéliser des données avant de partager en temps réel les informations mises au jour avec d’autres utilisateurs sans affecter l’intégrité des données sous-jacentes.

Un point d’accès unique à toutes vos données

Sans entrepôt de données, il est difficile de garantir la qualité des données. Qui plus est, face à l’augmentation du volume et du nombre de sources de données, votre environnement se complexifie, ce qui peut nuire aux performances et aux analyses. Avec SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, l’équipe informatique peut consolider les données et tirer profit de services ETL/ELT, comme la mise en place de pipelines ou la transformation des données, pour créer une couche de données robuste et très performante.

L’équipe informatique ou les utilisateurs peuvent ensuite définir l’accès aux données en créant et en gérant des modèles de données complexes. En parallèle, la couche métier de SAP Data Warehouse Cloud mappe les concepts métier aux données sous-jacentes, afin qu’un plus grand nombre d’utilisateurs puissent comprendre et modéliser les données par eux-mêmes.

Atténuez la menace du Shadow IT

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud est une solution de bout en bout qui répond à tous les besoins de vos collaborateurs, depuis l’intégration jusqu’à la modélisation en passant par l’analyse, ce, afin de limiter le recours à des solutions ad hoc. Elle est également ouverte, ce qui permet d’y connecter les outils tiers dont vos collaborateurs se servent et de les gérer de manière centralisée. Peu importe la fonction ou le service de vos collaborateurs, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud vous permet de définir des autorisations claires et d’attribuer des rôles aux utilisateurs. Grâce aux espaces, l’équipe informatique dispose d’une visibilité à l’échelle de l’entreprise et peut gérer les différentes sources de données et connexions de manière centralisée.

Porsche étend SAP BW/4HANA vers le cloud avec SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Porsche souhaitait entamer la transformation numérique d’un plus grand nombre de ses collaborateurs. Le groupe automobile avait déjà plusieurs systèmes en place, notamment des systèmes SAP (tels que SAP BW/4HANA et SAP ERP) et des systèmes tiers. Il ne souhaitait donc pas rajouter d’énièmes systèmes à cette organisation. Ce dont Porsche avait besoin, c’était d’une couche virtuelle unique pour connecter l’ensemble de ces systèmes et optimiser le flux des données. Le tout, dans un environnement géré pour éviter les éventuelles erreurs.

C’est ce qu’a permis l’extension de SAP BW/4HANA vers le cloud avec SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, entre autres choses.

«Nous avions besoin d’une solution qui réunirait l’ensemble de nos systèmes existants et qui ferait en sorte que chaque utilisateur final ait accès aux données dont il a besoin, et uniquement à ces données. SAP Data Warehouse Cloud était la solution idéale pour transformer notre architecture de données sans avoir à dépenser un montant colossal.»
– Markus Hartmann, directeur de la gestion des projets informatiques chez Porsche

Commencez petit et voyez grand

Chaque entreprise a une transition vers le cloud différente. Que l’objectif soit de responsabiliser les utilisateurs ou de créer une version unique de la réalité, SAP HANA Cloud et SAP Data Warehouse Cloud offrent la flexibilité dont vous avez besoin.

SAP HANA Cloud et SAP Data Warehouse Cloud ne nécessitent aucun investissement préalable, et c’est SAP qui s’occupe de la gestion et de la maintenance. Vous souhaitez évaluer vos besoins ? Pas de problème. Lancez plusieurs projets pilotes et voyez ce qu’il vous faut. C’est là l’atout de ces deux solutions : grâce à leur approche flexible, vous pouvez commencer petit et évoluer au fil du temps. Par la suite, vous pouvez mettre en place une solution hybride à long terme pour tirer tous les avantages du cloud et des systèmes sur site, ou passer intégralement au cloud. À vous de voir !

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Top New CMS Plugins, November 2020

Since there are so many CMS plugins out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the best ones for your website. We’ve done the research for you; this list contains the top new CMS plugins for November 2020. You’ll find useful plugins for WordPress, Craft, Shopify, and Joomla.

Let’s get started…


404 Page Editor

404 Page Editor is a simple WordPress plugin that helps you add custom text to the default 404 page on your website. The plugin comes with seasonal and industry-related 404 templates. One useful feature of the plugin is that it backups your current 404 page before changing it. So you can restore the backup page anytime you choose. The plugin duplicates your current 404.php page to wp-content/uploads/404-page-editor/ so you can easily find it. You can also change the text on the plugin to fit your local dialect. 

UnusedCSS Power-Up

Most WordPress themes and plugins load their CSS in the wrong areas of your website. This can slow down your site. A slow website will reduce user experience and lead to increased bounce rates.

UnusedCSS will help reduce the size of your website’s CSS files by up to 95%. The best part is that the plugin works automatically. It will remove any unused CSS when visitors view any page on your website. UnusedCSS will automatically reduce your website’s load times by reducing your CSS files and page size. The plugin also optimizes the performance of other WordPress plugins and extensions. UnusedCSS also works with WooCommerce themes and plugins.

Simple Redirects

Simple Redirects is a WordPress plugin that helps you to automatically redirect requests to another page on your site or any other place on the web. The plugin allows you to easily redirect users from your old web pages to new pages using 301 or 302 redirects. You don’t have to worry about losing backlinks or page rank. Any incoming links to the old web page will be automatically passed along to the new page. The page rank on the old page is also transferred to the new page. The plugin is useful when migrating a WordPress site when don’t want to retain the URL structure. 

HTML Validation

HTML Validation plugin helps you identify any HTML validation errors on your website. The plugin works automatically in the background of your website and will send you regular reports. There is a progress bar on the report screen to show you the progress of the scan. The plugin uses WordPress Cron to scan the content of your website. There is also an option for the plugin to automatically fix any HTML validation issues on your website. You can also choose to fix the issues manually. 

Just Highlight

Just Highlight is a simple WordPress plugin that helps you highlight text in your posts or pages. You can use this plugin to highlight any portion of the page you want to draw the reader’s attention to. You can highlight the background of the page and also add animation to the highlighted text. In the WordPress admin area, you can change the speed and color of the animation. The plugin is compatible with Gutenberg, and the WordPress classic editor. 

DeviantArt Embed

DeviantArt Embed is a simple plugin that helps you embed any work from Deviant Art into a post. The plugin provides a block for the WordPress block editor so you can easily embed the image. It uses a DeviantArt oEmbed API to pull the images and their descriptions, and creates an embedded image. 

Static Optimizer

Static Optimizer is a static file optimization plugin that serves and optimizes static files on your website. The plugin will help you increase your website speed by automatically compressing your static files. It is easy to set up, you just need an API key to get started. Other useful features that the plugin offers include automatic JS and CSS minification, automatic image optimization, and processing of responsive images. You don’t have to worry about losing your files if their server is down. The plugin automatically backs up your files and will load your original files when their servers are down (either because of an upgrade, maintenance, or outage).  By default, only images are compressed when you activate the plugin; you can also choose to optimize fonts, CSS, and JS files. 


RankBear is a keyword rank tracker plugin that helps you analyze your SEO efforts. With RankBear, you can track the keywords for each of the posts and pages on your site. While the plugin has a paid plan, you can track up to five keywords for free. On the free plan, you will receive weekly reports on each keyword you are tracking. You can search for the rank and volume of a keyword in every location supported by the Google search engine. RankBear is a lightweight software-as-a-service plugin hosted by Amazon Cloud Services. The plugin also offers the option to download the keyword reports to CSV. 

Table of Contents Block

Table of Contents Block is a plugin that allows you to easily create a Table of Contents for your WordPress posts. The plugin is lightweight and will automatically add a Table of Content in your website’s posts and pages. You can select the heading tags you want to add to the Table of Content. It also has a dedicated support team to assist you. The plugin works fine with all standard WordPress themes. 

Markease For WooCommerce

Markeaze is an all-in-one communication plugin that allows you to add live chat to your online stores. The plugin will help you improve your customer service by decreasing your response times. With the plugin, you can collect your visitor’s contact information via a widget. This feature is useful in building a subscriber database. You can also use the plugin to track customer behavior on your site, inform customers about new products, help customers with active orders, and collect customer feedback. You can also use the auto-reply function to answer commonly asked questions. 

Craft CMS

Image Toolbox

Image Toolbox is a Craft CMS plugin that offers image-related tools for your templates. The plugin will automatically create a WebP variant of the images you upload. It also has a fallback for browsers that do not support WebP images. Other useful features the plugin offers include automatic creation of placeholder images and generation of responsive images with multiple variants. The plugin also supports Imager-X (or old Imager). 

Element Panel

Element Panel plugin allows you to add elements and an eager-loading panel to the debug toolbar. This feature will help you benchmark your templates in Craft CMS. For elements, the panel has a dashboard that shows how many elements are populated. It also shows how many elements are duplicates. The plugin also shows you how many eager-loading elements are detected. Duplicate elements are grouped by field name. 


VStore Shoppable Videos

VStore Shoppable Videos is a Shopify plugin that allows your customers to shop directly from your videos. The plugin allows you to embed your products into any video. Since videos have a high engagement rate, this plugin will significantly improve your store’s conversion rates. 

ProofMotion Video Testimonials

ProofMotion Video Testimonials plugin helps you to easily collect video testimonials. The plugin sends an automated email or SMS requests to customers asking for their satisfaction feedback after making a purchase. The responses are analyzed to determine whether the customer had a negative or positive experience. Customers that offer negative feedback are sent to customer care to help them with the problem they encountered. Happy customers are prompted to make video testimonials of their positive shopping experience. ProofMotion guides the customer through the interview so they can give the best testimonial. They also offer an on-site widget so you can easily share your testimonials. 

Real ID

Real ID is a Shopify plugin that allows you to verify customers’ real identity using a photo ID and facial biometrics. The plugin is perfect for orders that have an age restriction, verifying flagged fraud goods, and selling expensive goods. Real ID will help you identify whether a government-issued-ID is fake during fulfilment. All the customer needs to do is take a selfie on their phone. This way, even if a customer has access to a stolen physical ID, they won’t still be able to make any purchase. The plugin can verify documents such as passports, visas, national IDs, driver licenses, and more. Real ID will help you handle GDPR compliance. The plugin is available in hundreds of countries around the world. 



Accessibility is a Joomla plugin that allows your website visitors to easily access your website content. The plugin will remove any barrier between the visitor and your Joomla site. There is no coding required and you can customize the plugin directly from the module manager. The plugin has a useful feature called Dyslexic Readability; this feature allows your visitors to set the entire document font to a dyslexic-friendly font. Visitors can also grayscale the page, resize the fonts, and resize the word space. From the backend module, you can add any custom CSS and JS. The plugin is also available in 12 different languages. 

Reading Time

Reading Time is a simple plugin that will help you easily show the reading time of your Joomla articles. The plugin is easy to set up and does not require any coding. You can customize every parameter, including the text, in minutes. You can also choose to exclude categories, articles, and menu items. Reading Time also allows you to easily add custom CSS code from the plugin parameters. 


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Exciting New Tools for Designers, August 2020

The common theme in this month’s collection of new tools and resources is “things that help you show off your work.” Many of these tools are made to help you better web products or apps or showcase designs with others.

Here’s what new for designers this month.


Naturaltts is an online text to speech converter, that allows you to download an mp3 recording. The tool has more than 60 voices to choose from in six languages. There’s a free plan for personal use (based on characters converted) and affordable paid plans for higher volumes and commercial users. One application of this tool is voiceover for videos or tutorials.


Handz is a library of hands with different gestures in three-dimensional shapes. The collection includes 12 gestures with nine skin colors, and three different sleeve types. Put all that together and you have 320 potential combinations that you can use for projects. The library is completely free and works in a variety of formats with different tools.


Isoflow allows you to create isometric diagrams for presentations and illustrations with ease. You can edit and then export diagrams for print or website use, thanks to vector rendering.

Device Shots

Device Shots is a small web app that helps you generate a high-resolution device mockup using a screenshot of your website or mobile application. It supports almost every device type you can think of and resizes for social media platforms.


Barchartrace is a simple MIT open source bar chart generator. Use it to create some of the animated charts you see on social media. Just insert your information (upload via CSV file), choose animation settings, and go.

Zettlr Markdown Editor

Zettlr is a free and open source markdown editor for Mac OS. Zettlr supports simple notations, references, includes a dark mode, and tagging. It’s made for note takers who need a tool to amp up their projects, and is used primarily in higher education.

CSS Leaning Card Effect

The CSS Leaning Card Effect replicates the bookshelf feel you get when rectangles lean with a shadow against planes. Lynn Fisher does it in the pen with code that you can see and work on with your own images. is a tool that matches you with freelance developers to get projects moving more quickly. You are guaranteed a match in 24 hours and there is no risk if the match doesn’t work out. Just tell what you need and the algorithm will match you with a dev from the database. Prices for development through the platform start at $35 per hour.


Papercups is a customer messaging tool that lets you chat in real-time. The customizable widget works with your favorite tools, such as Slack and Gmail, and is free to use. Chat apps are one of the most in-demand website features right now.

CSS Click to Animate Gif

Christian Heilmann has created a great guide/experiment in pure CSS that adds a play button on top of animated GIFs so that users can control the motion. He developed the concept because GIFs can get overwhelming and annoying. Learn how he did it and see it in action.

3D Book Image Generator

Here’s another little bit of CSS magic with a 3D Book Image Generator. Just input your image and set some specifications and get a 3D book cover image that you can use in projects. (There’s also an accompanying tutorial if you want to learn how to generate the CSS on your own.)


Luckysheet is an online spreadsheet – it’s a lot like Microsoft Excel – with powerful data functions and tools. It’s user-friendly and open source. It even has quite a few built-in mathematical formulas and supports various table types.


RevKit is a design system UI kit that works with Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD. It includes plenty of organized components that you can pop right into designs to help get them started faster. It also includes a style guide, elements, and form controls. The download is free.


Card allows you to store social media profiles, websites, and files in a customized profile. Share it in one click. Replace awkward contact exchange and multiple usernames with a simple QR code or link.

Scale Nucleus

Scale Nucleus helps visualize data, curate interesting slices within your dataset, review and manage annotations, and measure and debug model performance. This tool claims to be “the right way” to develop ML models.


Previewed is a mockup generator to create beautiful promotional graphics for your app. Browse a variety of templates, pick one, customize, and download your design to show off.

NSFW Filter

NSFW Filter is a browser extension that blocks images that aren’t safe for work. The best part is that it runs locally in-browser and doesn’t access any of your data. Plus, it saves you from on-the-job embarrassment.

ColorFlick for Dribbble

ColorFlick for Dribbble is another browser extension that makes it easy to copy hex codes from the tool to your clipboard with ease. You can also create palettes you can share from your favorite shots using Coolors.

Tabler Icons

Tabler Icons is a collection of more than 550 SVG icons that you can customize. Change the color, size, or stroke width with on-screen controls and then click to copy the icons you want to use. It’s that simple!


Teenyicons might be some of the cutest icons out there. This collection includes minimal 1px icons in outline or solid fills. And there are plenty of icons to choose from. Adjust the size and grab the ones that you need for projects.


Basicons is a set of simple icons for product design and development. Plus, they are updated weekly.

Chozy Mermaid

Chozy Mermaid is a super funky novelty typeface to close out summer. The characters feature beach themes within slab characters. It might be hard to find an application for this one, but it is too fun not to share.


Dotuku is a dingbats font with a back to school theme. The limited character set features filled and outline styles that are perfect for classrooms.


Margin is a fun retro style typeface with a 1970s vibe. It’s a “chubby serif” with 60 characters and 58 glyphs.


Rollanda is a signature-style script with a thicker weight and rough stroke. The character set is pretty robust.


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Big Data File Formats Explained

Apache Spark supports many different data formats, such as the ubiquitous CSV format and web-friendly JSON format. Common formats used primarily for big data analytical purposes are Apache Parquet and Apache Avro.

In this post, we’re going to cover the properties of these four formats — CSV, JSON, Parquet, and Avro with Apache Spark.

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