In today’s highly competitive world, software development and automation play a significant role in creating robust software applications for businesses. Additionally, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain have given a competitive edge to enterprises. For gaining maximum benefits out of automation testing, testers require hands-on experience in a minimum of one automation programming language. There are numerous programming languages available today, with new ones continuously emerging. No matter which phase you are in, whether starting with automation testing or being an experienced tester planning to learn a new programming language, deciding which language to choose is very critical.

Which Automation Programming Language Is the Best for Testing?

The following list is prepared after considering metrics like recent trends, language popularity, career prospects, open-source projects, and more. As per TIOBE Index 2021 and IEEE Spectrum Magazine, Java, C, and Python are the top three automation programming languages on the list. Following are some of the most preferred languages on the whole entire list.

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