When I’m chatting with customers, prospects and journalists around high productivity application development, I sometimes perceive some confusion in their minds around the difference between the terms "low-code" and "no-code." It’s not surprising, since, in the high-productivity application Platform-as-a-Service (aPaaS) space, there are many vendors all jockeying for position. So let’s clear the matter up and examine what’s really meant by each of the two terms, flag the differences and suggest which platform type is right for which types of projects.

Similar at A Glance…

Both low-code and no-code development platforms provide the means to develop software applications without the need to write code. Instead of requiring a developer to have any knowledge of traditional programming languages, they both provide a visual development approach to Rapid Application Development (RAD). This visual approach makes app development accessible to a greater number of people, specifically tech-savvy individuals working in the business lines. With the nature of an application in mind, developers select the functional components they need from an on-screen library and drag and drop them into a visual workflow.

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