We All Deserve This Brief Reprieve From the Dumpster Fire That is the Internet

The Internet can certainly feel like a cold, dark place, especially for those of us who can’t help but stay mired in it day in and day out. I’m one of those people, and while I’d like to think I do a pretty good job keeping above the fray, it can be really hard when you just happen to stumble across pieces like this horrifying (and incredibly important) revelation in The Verge. (It turns out, being a professional Facebook moderator and having to witness the worst of the worst things people do to each other on a daily basis is extremely caustic for your health.)

But thankfully, we also have journalists like The Ringer’s Victor Luckerson, who did some work to uncover those times over the last decade when we weren’t trying to kill each other – times when we were actually able to put aside our differences and celebrate the things that connect us. And this isn’t just some dude sharing his favorite viral memes; it’s actually backed by UVM research.   

Source de l’article sur DZONE

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