What Technical Debt Is and How to Calculate It

In an ideal world, every project is finished on time, and within the estimated budget. Even better, the budget has allowed teams to develop additional features and test everything one more time before the release. In the real world, the development process can encounter several difficulties, and technical debt is among the most common issues the project may face. It is essential to understand what technical debt is, how to evaluate it and especially how to tackle it.

What Is Technical Debt?

Technical debt is the additional work needed to complete the software development. But this notion does not refer solely to the projects that are in development. This issue often follows the projects that have been production for some time. This may be anything, like some module written on legacy technology, that holds the project back from including a new functionality or influence overall software stability. In this particular case, technical debt can be calculated as the time or money needed for the refactoring of this module’s code or porting it to the new technology. But usually it is never that simple and the software system includes a number of drawbacks that can be included in the technical debt of the project.

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