Our partner Xignite has launched a powerful new webhook API for getting financial market notifications pushed to the URL of your choice. Allowing developers to craft individual subscriptions to the robust financial markets data catalog Xignite brings to the table. Xignite provides a testable form for defining each of the alerts you create for the Xignite financial data APIs, allowing you define using the following data points: a href="https://www.xignite.com/product/market-data-alerts#/DeveloperResources/request">

IdentifierType — The type of identifier used (ie. Symbol)
Identifier — The specific identifier value for this alert.
API — Which of the Xignite APIs you want to receive alerts.
Condition — Allowing you to apply specific conditions to alerts.
Reset — Determines the alert frequency, and if it resets itself.
CallbackURL — The URL that the webhook alert will call when an event occurs.
StartDate — Giving the alert a start date of when it will run.
EndDate — Giving the alert an end date of when it will stop running.

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