CMMI and governance

Situation and action plan “Methods and maturity”

Ankaa Pmo® has developed a support offer for information systems departments (DSI) to assist them in the process of progress and improvement of the internal processes of the service.

Analysis of the situation

Constants identified:

  • Difficulties in managing deadlines, budgets or the quality of projects
  • Difficulties managing the completion of projects
  • Difficulties in isolating the MCO (Maintenance in operational conditions), user support for the “Projects” activity
  • Lack of visibility on the availability of resources of the various poles
  • Lack of team adherence to the objectives to be achieved (Businesses and / or CIOs)
  • Absence of governance indicators for the activity
  • Loss of confidence of trades in regards to the ISD.

PPM (Project Portfolio Management) and PMO (Project Management Office) Objectives

Instigate an approach of progress by clarifying the scope of the objective:

  • Provide project managers with a common and cross-departmental method
  • Facilitated the consolidation of the project portfolio
  • Give managers the ability to arbitrate priorities
  • Identify the key indicators of the activity and implement an operational follow-up

Identification of the action plan and monitoring of the “progress”

Build a “Project Methods” team, coaching throughout and help with tasks and responsibilities:

  • Monitor the implementation of operational action plans
  • Controlling the achievement of set objectives
  • Engager la démarche d’amélioration continue (Roue de Deming)
  • Engage the process of continuous improvement (Deming Wheel)
  • Measure changes in progress and reinforce the goals of the new objectives

CMMI level

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