Internet of things

Evolution of the IoT market

The IoT or “Internet of Things” includes products that embody analytical and communication capabilities, with an interaction with the external environment with or without the intervention of humans.

This includes a set of heterogeneous devices such as mobile phones, home appliances, sound equipment, video, machine components, engines and almost anything imaginable, including RFID chips implanted under the skin.

The number of connected objects was 13.7 billion in 2015, and according to various studies, they will be between 30 and 150 billion in 10 years.

Communication between all these components opens up opportunities to build increasingly “smart” systems.

IoT Technologies

The technologies that cover the world of IoT are of course through network protocols such as IPv6, as well as data storage structures capable of recording the flow of thousands of “objects”.
We then enter the field of “Big Data” and “unstructured” data.

Industry 4.0

The communication of the workshop machines

Industry 4.0 is the stage of the digitization of workshops and production machines.
The development of the Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems (CPS) allow permanent communication between the various industrial production devices of the plant.
The machines report real-time data on their production cycles, their immediate situation and the diagnostic results thanks to numerous sensors that alert the operator who can then manage the remote interventions.


Ankaa Pmo® is involved in the analysis and development of intelligent and communicating objects.
We rely on standard communication protocols allowing the interconnection of different workshop equipment and thus the monitoring of the manufacturing process of each product until its qualification on test benches and its traceability of routing throughout the world.

Data collected along the manufacturing and supply chain is used for simulation and modeling purposes to support process improvement decisions.

IoT and transport (Protocoles)

Choose the network and transport the data

Today we find two major categories of networks on the market:

2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Sigfox, LoRa are suitable for interconnecting two terminals separated by a long distance. We find for example this type of protocol in the development of smart cities.
Wifi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, or Bluetooth Low Energy apply to proximity exchanges. We find these protocols in home automation or the wearables market.

Ankaa Pmo® designs and develops data transport equipment, which, beyond the connectivity, provides structured methodology and standardization of frameworks within development teams.

Based on Hummingboard, Rapsberry PI or Orange Pi Zero architectures, and BuildRoot, Raspbian, Android or Arch Linux distributions the builds are designed to be scalable.

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