Ankaa : K0 spectral class star of visual apparent magnitude 2.4. It is about 77 light years away. It is the Alpha star of the Phoenix constellation.

Phoenix : A fabulous bird, endowed with extraordinary longevity and characterized by the power to be reborn from its ashes.

Pmo : The Project Management Office is a structure (service) that defines and maintains the repository of processes and procedures related to project management.

Our vision

Focus activity on value-added services.

  • By establishing a Business Model in which intellectual engineering marketing is established at more than 90% of turnover, where “traditional” IT companies are on a model of 70% of product trading for 30% of services.
  • By remaining independent from any partnership publisher and / or manufacturer, contracts that “oblige” sales solutions and guide and alter the recommendations made during study and consulting missions.
  • By focusing the skills of ANKAA PMO® internal resources on the organization, management and monitoring of project quality assurance.
  • By guaranteeing you 1 single contact, guarantor of the mobilization of resources and guarantor of the achievement of objectives.
  • By setting up and guiding the “dream-team” with accredited external experts … a guarantee of being able to offer real expertise services.

A resolutely organized approach to place your requirements at the very center of our attention.

Our network of expertise

The ANKAA PMO® network is currently made up of more than 6700 referenced freelance consultants including more than 183 accredited consultants. These stakeholders are selected and referenced on their “vertical” competence of a product, a technology or a functional area of ​​the company’s activity.

The ANKAA PMO® technical resources management allows the intervention of several complementary experts on the same project, each within their scope of expertise, thus contributing to the wealth of their experience in the shared achievement of your objective. This gives you the assurance of services with high added value.

Our quality policy

From the start, ANKAA PMO® offers a professional specialist, able to understand your problems and expectations, consider your existing ones and identify your goal.

Beyond the regular exchanges that allow us to evaluate your satisfaction throughout the project, ANKAA PMO® is committed to the principle of constantly improving the quality of its offers. ANKAA PMO® implements a systematic measure of satisfaction in the form of post-project evaluation.

Based on 10 key indicators, these assessments allow the analysis of trends, trigger evolution procedures, and induced efficiency checks.

Our strategy is established with our customers on a long-term partnership. 90% of our original customers renew their trust in us each year.