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Ankaa Pmo® contributes to the alignment of application solutions of the information system with respect to the business and organizational processes of the company by intervening in the technical design, implementation and integration of software and ERP. Thus, the missions of our consultants are established from the analysis of a process, the development of specific software or the integration of any publisher module, the support of the stages prior to the deployment (unit tests and tests). integration, recipe, documentation), user assistance on the parameterization phase, the provision supply of technical support and the optimization of applications through corrective and progressive maintenance actions.

Software integration:

Companies generally buy application solutions from specialized publishers in the sector of activity or business (software package). Among these are the market-leading solutions SAP, LAWSON-MOVEX, M3, MICROSOFT-DYNAMICS, SAGE X3 or for CRM features SIEBEL or SALESFORCE products. These solutions require for their parameterization a double competence: – the business to understand the needs expressed by the users or managers of the company – the capacities of parameterization provided by the application. Each Ankaa Pmo® consultant has sector expertise on the relevant application solution:
– Decision making
– Financial management
– Human Resource Management
– Manufacturing – Multi-site and international companies
– Project management
– Sales and Marketing
– Service Management
– Supply chain management.
Within the software integration business, Ankaa Pmo® delegates to its clients functional consultants on:

  • ORACLE Customer Relationship Management solution SIEBEL CRM, or SALESFORCE CRM
  • the STREAMSERVE flow management and streaming solution

Application development:

Software design is based on a request to computerize a process. The software design will have to respect a precise process to reach the delivery of the application:
– Analysis phase (functional) and design of the application architecture
– Code writing phase according to agile methodology and unit test phases
– Final validation phase, packaging for integration.

Each phase is accompanied by the development of:
– functional specification documents
– technical specification documents
– guides and documentation for users.

Ankaa Pmo® supports the development of applications in packaged or managed modes.
Ankaa Pmo® works with its customers on software development projects:

  • Functional analysis and software architecture
  • Definition of writing SPRINTS for application modules according to the SCRUM agile method
  • Implementing application in Client / server mode
  • Realization Development of application based on WEB technologies
  • Application development for IPHONE, ANDROID and WINDOWS Mobile platforms

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