Information Security and Information System

Economic intelligence ensures the collection, processing, protection and dissemination of information useful to stakeholders within an organization. Often presented in the form of a triptych: Acquisition, Protection, Diffusion, the economic intelligence is a key piece of the development strategy of a company. The implementation of a clear and effective information security policy is also the subject that requires the most attention in its design and implementation. Ankaa Pmo® accompanies you in the construction of a coherent and pragmatic information security policy, based on the definition of a business continuity plan, the elaboration of which is also driven by the business processes.

Information and Information Security :

The scope of offers applies to all aspects of the security, the guarantee, and the protection of data or information, whatever its form. Ankaa Pmo® intervenes in the aspects of availability, integrity, confidentiality, traceability and supports its approach according to the processes defined by the ISO 27001 standard which describes the requirements for the implementation of a Safety Management System. Information (WSIS). Ankaa Pmo® consultants assess risks and ensure compliance with the specifications defined in the market methods, including the EBIOS method (Expression of Needs and Identification of Safety Objectives) set up in France by ANSSI (Agence National Security Information Systems).

The definition of security policies is directly related to the security of information. Also the implementation of an information systems security policy (PSSI) is not limited to computer security, but it becomes the source of the main document of reference for information system security (SSI) of the organization, document in which the objectives to be achieved and the means granted to achieve them were validated from a risk analysis (AMDEC/FMEA).

Ankaa Pmo® works with its customers on the following issues:

  • Audits white and black boxes, Pentests
  • Implementations of UTM solutions
  • Implementing a backup / restore strategy
  • PKI infrastructures
  • User Charters and procedures CNIL and RGPD
  • Security Audits of Data, Access and People

Business Continuity Plan :

A continuity plan is based on a risk analysis and an impact analysis. The impact analysis will reference and prioritize the critical and strategic business processes of the organization. The risk analysis identifies threats from human or “natural” origin, internal or external, that may apply to identified processes. In the face of risk, an inventory of mitigation measures is developed focusing on those risks that have a significant impact. Support services such as IT are integrated into the PCA with the scope of the continuity of applications and technical infrastructure (PCI). The crisis communication plan (PCC) groups together all the emergency procedures to be applied and / or applied in the event of a proven risk.

Ankaa Pmo® works with its customers on the following issues:

  • Development of the company’s PCA
  • Development of the PCI (IT continuity plan)
  • Quality services coaching in monitoring and managing changes

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