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Chinese Hackers Believed to be Behind Second Cyberattack on Air India

Even as a massive data breach affecting Air India came to light the previous month, India’s flag carrier airline appears to have suffered a separate cyber assault that lasted for a period of at least two months and 26 days, new research has revealed, which attributed the incident with moderate confidence to a Chinese nation-state threat actor called APT41.
Group-IB dubbed the campaign « ColunmTK »
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Protéger son entreprise contre les ransomwares : un enjeu de Direction générale

Ces attaques ciblent en priorité les utilisateurs lors de leur interaction avec Internet (site web ou mail piégé) pour la compromission initiale, avant de contaminer le reste du système d’information de l’entreprise par des mouvements latéraux.

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The Engineer’s Guide to Writing Meaningful Code Comments

In most cases, you aren’t the only person working on the same project or codebase. That means that other people get to read your code and have to understand it. That’s also true for the code comments you leave behind. Developers often write ‘quick and dirty’ comments without much context, leaving other developers clueless about what you’re trying to say. It’s a bad practice that creates only more confusion than clarifies things.

So, yes – you should be bothered with writing meaningful code comments to help other developers. A code comment that describes the function, the reasoning behind the function, and its input and output will speed up the learning process of other developers. Especially for junior developers, this information comes in handy when learning the code.

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Popular Design News of the Week: June 7 2021 – June 13, 2021

Every day design fans submit incredible industry stories to our sister-site, Webdesigner News. Our colleagues sift through it, selecting the very best stories from the design, UX, tech, and development worlds and posting them live on the site.

The best way to keep up with the most important stories for web professionals is to subscribe to Webdesigner News or check out the site regularly. However, in case you missed a day this week, here’s a handy compilation of the top curated stories from the last seven days. Enjoy!


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C# vs. Python vs. C++ for Game Development

So which programming language is best for game development?

C#, C++, or Python?

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Large or Small Heap Size? [Video]

Do you want to run your application with a large heap size or a small heap size? What is the right strategy? Which strategy is more expensive? Which is more performant? Watch this video to know more!

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Cyberattaque contre Electronic Arts – L’avis de Kaspersky

L’éditeur américain de jeu vidéo Electronic Arts a été victime d’une cyberattaque. Parmi les données dérobées figure, entre autres, le code source de FIFA 21.

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DevSecOps : une approche désormais incontournable

Les développeurs sont plus que jamais soumis au diktat de la course contre le temps dans leurs activités : conception itérative, mise à disposition de nouvelles versions de plus en plus régulièrement, viabilité du produit réduite parfois aux fonctions essentielles. Pour gagner du temps et se concentrer sur le code, ils ne se préoccupent guère d’autre chose, à commencer par la sécurité. Ils la perçoivent souvent comme un frein au cycle de développement, voire au développement du produit lui-même.

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Poll: Fast CDN, Cheap CDN, Good CDN, Pick Any One…

This week, a significant portion of the Web fell over when on Tuesday, sites powered by Fastly were impacted by a massive outage that affected around 85% of the network.

The near-total collapse — which was quickly identified and remedied — took out sites including GitHub, Stack Overflow, PayPal, Shopify, Stripe, Reddit, Amazon, and CNN. Furthermore, it was all but impossible to express rage on Twitter because the server that handles the social network’s emojis was also affected.

This outage was broad and severe, and we’re truly sorry for the impact to our customers and everyone who relies on them.

Nick Rockwell, Senior VP of Engineering and Infrastructure, Fastly Inc.

The incident occurred at around 10:00 UST (06:00 EST) and prompted mass “Error 503” messages. It was identified by Fastly in less than a minute and patched within an hour.

Initial analysis indicates that the whole episode was triggered by a single customer updating their settings (in a perfectly valid way) — you know those nightmares you have about clicking the wrong button and deleting the whole Web? Yeah, imagine being that person. The precise combination of settings triggered a bug in an update that had been missed in Fastly’s QA and had been sitting in production code since May 12th.

If you’ve ever visited a serious server center, you’ll know the kind of security they employ in defense of potential criminal attacks. The only center I’ve visited in person was inside a nuclear-proof bunker, involved multiple security checks, and I wasn’t even allowed into the really secure part. But it turns out, all the terrorists need to do to crash the global economy is open a CDN account and update their settings.

Fastly actually reacted far faster than previous CDN mass-outages by its competitors — one possible reason its share price soared this week. But it is still trapped in a cycle of competition in which fast and cheap are easily compared, and good is somewhat abstract…until it’s not.

Most of us feel like seasoned hands at the Web when the truth is we’re very early adopters. It will be a century or more before the Web is truly integrated into society. Still, we are building the foundations now, and future generations need those foundations to be robust. We need less focus on clawing back a few pennies, less focus on delivering sites 3 nanoseconds before a user opens their browser, and a greater focus on resilience.

Like everyone, I love eye-peelingly fast sites, and I’m more than happy to get a good deal, but personally, I don’t feel either of those things is worth waking up to an Error 503 on a site I’m responsible for.

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Mozilla Says Google’s New Ad Tech—FLoC—Doesn’t Protect User Privacy

Google’s upcoming plans to replace third-party cookies with a less invasive ad targeted mechanism have a number of issues that could defeat its privacy objectives and allow for significant linkability of user behavior, possibly even identifying individual users. « FLoC is premised on a compelling idea: enable ad targeting without exposing users to risk, » said Eric Rescorla, author of TLS standard
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