Looking to save big and make your web design job easier at the same?

This carefully picked list includes top-tier quality items that have already been used by hundreds of thousands of people like you.

From WordPress themes, plugins, web apps, website builders, and illustrations, this list has everything for everyone.

Check all these 10 excellent deals for designers below:

1. Amelia

Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin that saves businesses time and money from the beginning by replacing their manual or semi-automated appointment and event booking operations with a fully automated one.

Amelia is easy to set up and use. Fitness centers, consulting organizations, training institutions, beauty salons and spas, photographers, medical centers, and other businesses that rely heavily on client and customer appointment or event bookings will profit from using it.

  • Clients can go online to make appointments 24/7, change or cancel appointments, and make payments. They can also purchase tickets for events and add special requirements.
  • Amelia automatically sends notifications, reminders, and follow-ups by SMS, WhatsApp, and email (reducing no-shows while keeping clients aware of upcoming special sessions or events).
  • Amelia also manages group appointments, packages of appointments, employees’ schedules, special days, and days offs.
  • All the above can be managed at one or multiple locations from a single dashboard.

Amelia integrates with Google Calendar, Google Meet, Zoom, and Outlook Calendar. Click on the banner to learn more about what this amazing application could do for your business.

2. wpDataTables

Creating an informative table or chart for your website can be pretty labor-intensive.

  • You may have to work with and organize copious amounts of data.
  • You need to avoid compromising your website’s design at the expense of getting the tables or charts you want.
  • Your tables and charts may need to be responsive, editable, informative, and readable.

wpDataTables plugin does all the above for you and more. It is packed with powerful table and chart-building features that include –

  • 4 chart-building engines: Google Charts, Chart.js, Apex Charts, and Highcharts
  • The ability to accept data from multiple database sources and in numerous standard formats
  • The ability to highlight critical data, or color code data using Conditional Formatting
  • A wealth of powerful data filtering and sorting features
  • Live data from Google spreadsheets or JSON API

wpDataTables integrates seamlessly with Avada, Divi, Elementor, Gutenberg, and WPBakery. Click on the banner to learn even more about this popular WordPress plugin.

3. Trafft

To automate a booking operation, you might need one tool to book appointments, one to accept payments, another to manage employee schedules, and so on. Of course, if your business provides services at multiple locations, then you would multiply the number of tools times the number of locations, and you’ll be good to go.

Or, you could go with Trafft, a single tool with which you can manage all of the above, at multiple locations, all from a single platform.

  • Clients can book appointments online 24/7.
  • They can make payments online using PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, or Authorize .net.
  • Trafft sends reminders and notifications automatically via email or SMS.
  • Trafft integrates smoothly with Google Calendar, Google Meet, Outlook, and Zoom.

Click on the banner to learn about all of Trafft’s booking capabilities. You’ll be impressed.

4. WordLift

WordLift helps your website speak the language of Google. This way, your content will be discovered by users, giving you more organic traffic and helping your business website achieve excellent rankings.

  • WordLift uses AI to transform unstructured content into structured data that search engines can understand.
  • WordLift creates a knowledge graph, automates SEO tasks, and analyzes search intent.

Other features include automatic schema markup, content recommendation widgets, WooCommerce, and Image SEO, all designed to improve user engagement.

5. Total WordPress Theme

Three words summarize Total: flexible, easy, and complete. This aptly named WordPress theme is WooCommerce compatible and has everything you need to create one-of-a-kind sites.

  • Total puts excellent selections of demos, templates, and postcards at your fingertips.
  • The popular Slider Revolution plugin is included, as is Total’s flexible drag-and-drop page builder.

The 50% Black Friday discount is automatically applied when you order.

6. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose & WooCommerce Theme

TheGem – the versatile WordPress website builder – offers unlimited customizations, plenty of design & marketing focused features, an extended library of pre-built designs, and the fastest loading times: 

  • You have ready access to a rich selection of 400+ pre-built websites in outstanding design quality 
  • It enables you to build every part of your website right away in Elementor or WPBakery: headers & footers, WooCommerce pages, blogs, mega menus, popups, and much more.
  • You’ll love the 5-star user support, just as have 60,000 others.

TheGem can be yours at a 40% Black Friday discount.

7. Mobirise Website Builder Software

The best offline website builder for 2022 is free to use. That is in itself a great bargain. Mobirise’s team has sweetened the pot by offering a 33% Black Friday discount for their All-in-One Kit with its 175 premium themes and extensions.

  • Mobirise is strictly drag-and-drop and features huge selections of blocks, templates, icons, and images.
  • Your site is yours to host anywhere you want

More than 2 million sites have already been created using Mobirise.

8. Embed Instagram Feed

Instagram offers a terrific way to promote your business’s products or services. Its focus on visual communication makes it an extremely effective marketing tool.

  • It takes but three simple steps to embed Instagram into your website.
  • A variety of display options are available.
  • Your feed will be fully responsive and compatible with mobile devices.

An Instagram feed is yours at a 33% Black Friday discount.

9. Getillustrations Web and App Illustrations Bundle


Getillustrations is loaded with trendy illustrations you can pick and choose from, download once, and use forever.

  • Selecting one or more of the 13,000 different illustrations in over 100 categories can definitely add spice to your web designs.
  • Illustrations come in PNG, SVG, Ai, Figma, and Sketch formats and Getillustrations adds new ones every week.

Use the EliteDesigners25 code to get your 25% Black Friday discount.

10. Rey Theme

Rey is an innovative WooCommerce theme that is loaded with WooCommerce-friendly features and is easy to set up and use.

  • Key WooCommerce features include filtering, search, templating, and navigation.
  • Rey’s smart search helps site visitors find exactly what they want
  • Quickview and Ajax search is also available

Headers are customized for eCommerce, and visitors will appreciate Rey’s helpful cart, wish list, and checkout features.

Black Friday is not far off. Before you know it, many producers of WordPress themes, tools, and services will be offering tempting discounts.

Even if you come across a deal that appeals to you, it doesn’t hurt to look around to see if you can find a better one.

Keep in mind that the quality of a product or service is more important than its reduced price. It’s always best to pick and choose carefully. So, we’ve put together this list of the best Black Friday deals for 2022 to help you do just that.


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There’s nothing like a new font or two to breathe new life into your designs. And so, every month, we put together this collection of the fonts that have caught our eye in the past few weeks.

This month we’ve got traditional slab-serifs, some original scripts, a couple of workhorses, and plenty of characterful display faces. Enjoy!


There are plenty of calligraphic typefaces available, but Canora is a little different. Alongside Canora Frente, which leans to the right, Canora Verso leans to the left for an original look.


Fisterra is an informal serif in two styles. Morte emphasizes the pair’s curves, and Fora accentuates the sharp lines; both share the same elegant skeleton.

King of August

King of August is a single-weight script that’s packed with energy. The extra cut beneath the stroke on characters like the lowercase s and p add a delightful wet-paint feel.


This poster-worthy font is Lithops. The pattern forming the letter shapes is reminiscent of seaweed, fine jewelry, and acid flashbacks. Just don’t try setting body text in it.


Sangbleu is a super-family of typefaces with five complementary voices: Empire, Kingdom, Republic, Versailles, and Sunrise. It’s ideal for demanding editorial work.

Kohinoor One

Kohinoor One claims to be the thinnest font ever produced, with strokes just one unit thick. It’s perfect for those occasions when you need light typographic color at extra large sizes.


Firelli is a warm, contemporary slab serif with a range of weights from thin up to a chunky, retro-feeling Black. It works amazingly for both headlines and body text.


Ideal for signage, branding, and headline text, UCity Pro is a geometric sans-serif with ten styles and a variable font version.


Artex is an excellent sans-serif with simplified forms that work best when embracing its vast number of styles and weights. It’s also available as a variable font.


Colroy is an excellent early-style slab-serif that is superb for setting large runs of text. It was begun in 2009, released in 2014, and has just been re-released with new weights and a variable font.


Fabbrica is a solid, functional sans-serif that performs exceptionally well at small sizes, including on screen. It has rounded and sharp variations and different weights.


As the name suggests, Mule is a flexible, hard-working serif with mixed lineage. Its round shapes are friendly and engaging, and its vertical rhythm makes it ideal for extended text passages.


Romano is a distinctly Roman font. Subtle flares and abrupt angles call to mind carved letterforms and the formal scripts of the renaissance.


Kosmos is an experimental typeface in which multiple horizontal shapes make up the letters. The finest weights are barely visible, and the thicker weights overlap the shapes to create cloud-like forms.

Precise Sans

Precise Sans is an excellent font for dashboards and other complex UI designs. It is clean and modern with simplified shapes. It’s currently in beta.


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New Zealand Rugby (NZR) a annoncé la signature d’un partenariat majeur pluriannuel avec SAP afin d’accélérer la transformation numérique de l’Union de Rugby. SAP, tout premier grand partenaire technologique de NZR, devient à la fois un Partenaire Officiel Mondial Premium, un Partenaire Technologique Officiel, et le Partenaire Officiel des Logiciels Cloud des « équipes en noir »*, notamment les All Blacks et les Black Ferns.

Leader du marché des logiciels d’application d’entreprise, SAP possède l’expertise, les solutions et l’envergure nécessaire pour créer une infrastructure technologique plus efficace, connectée et innovante pour NZR. Les deux organisations collaboreront pour identifier et mettre en œuvre des solutions Cloud novatrices, et connecter les données dans des domaines clés, afin de fournir un avantage concurrentiel sur et en dehors du terrain aux équipes, et plus largement à tout l’écosystème de NZR.

Ce partenariat permettra à NZR d’exploiter les solutions SAP et d’innover dans quatre domaines clés : créer un système de gestion intégré pour diriger et améliorer ses opérations, parfaire l’expérience des supporters, réaliser des objectifs de développement durable pour l’organisation et explorer la manière dont l’utilisation des données et des solutions peut favoriser la performance des équipes.

  • Opérations organisationnelles : l’utilisation d’un hub digital de solutions SAP pour créer des systèmes interconnectés permettant à NZR de tirer le meilleur parti de la puissance de ses systèmes et des données hors terrain, afin de mieux soutenir leurs équipes en place.
  • Performance de l’équipe : en implémentant SAP SuccessFactors et en se dotant d’une source unique de données RH, NZR compte améliorer l’expérience de ses membres et leur permettre ainsi d’atteindre leur plein potentiel.
  • Expérience des fans : créer de nouvelles façons de se connecter et de dialoguer avec la base de supporters locaux et mondiaux de NZR, tout en exploitant les nouvelles technologies et plateformes, afin qu’ils se rapprochent de leurs équipes et joueurs préférés.
  • Impact environnemental : exploiter les solutions et les capacités numériques permettant à NZR de gérer de manière holistique ses performances en matière de durabilité, tout en soutenant la stratégie plus large de NZR en matière de responsabilité sociale et d’environnementale (RSE).

Angela Nash, Chief Information & Technology Officer de NZR, a déclaré : “La NZR entreprend une transformation numérique de grande ampleur qui nécessite le soutien et l’expertise d’une organisation technologique internationale, pour nous aider à réaliser notre objectif : devenir l’Union de Rugby la plus avancée sur le plan technologique dans le monde. SAP est à l’avant-garde de la transformation numérique au niveau mondial et dispose des outils nécessaires pour nous aider à mettre en place une équipe d’experts qui, non seulement partage notre vision, mais dont les compétences et les capacités sont de renommée internationale. Nous sommes ravis qu’ils soient notre premier partenaire technologique et qu’ils travaillent avec NZR sur toutes les plates-formes clés afin d’examiner, d’améliorer et de nous permettre de fournir des systèmes technologiques qui garantissent que nous sommes les meilleurs sur le terrain et en dehors.”

Scott Russell, Executive Board Member & Customer Success, commente :

New Zealand Rugby s’est fixé un objectif ambitieux : devenir le collectif de Rugby le plus avancé technologiquement au monde. En tant que tout premier partenaire technologique de l’organisation, SAP peut aider NZR à atteindre cet objectif en favorisant la transformation numérique dans tous ses domaines d’activités et en introduisant des technologies révolutionnaires qui aideront les équipes de NZR à donner le meilleur d’elles-mêmes – et à gagner. ”

SAP et NZR mettront également l’accent sur le développement de programmes et d’initiatives supplémentaires visant à promouvoir et à célébrer la diversité et l’inclusion.

Grâce à ce partenariat, SAP bénéficiera de divers droits et avantages, notamment le marquage et la signalisation dans les stades et sur le terrain pour les matchs gérés par NZR, le marquage sur toutes les plateformes numériques, les interventions des joueurs et des rencontres exclusives avec les équipes et les joueurs.

*Les « équipes en noir » de la NZR – les All Blacks, les Black Ferns, les All Blacks Sevens, les Black Ferns Sevens, les Māori All Blacks, les All Blacks XV et les All Blacks moins de 20.


Fondé en 1892, New Zealand Rugby s’efforce d’inspirer et d’unifier les Néo-Zélandais à travers le rugby. Notre objectif est de diriger, soutenir, développer et promouvoir le jeu national de la Nouvelle-Zélande, en mettant le rugby au cœur de chaque communauté. Le système de haute performance de NZR s’efforce de promouvoir les compétitions que nos fans aiment, d’encourager les talents qui peuvent représenter nos équipes en noir et d’être leader mondial sur et en dehors du terrain.

La stratégie de SAP est d’aider chaque entreprise à fonctionner comme une entreprise intelligente et durable. En tant que leader du marché des logiciels d’application d’entreprise, nous aidons les entreprises de toutes tailles et de tous secteurs à fonctionner au mieux : Les clients de SAP génèrent 87 % du commerce mondial total. Nos technologies d’apprentissage automatique, d’Internet des objets (IoT) et d’analyse avancée permettent de transformer les activités des clients en entreprises intelligentes. SAP aide à donner aux personnes et aux organisations une connaissance approfondie de l’entreprise et favorise la collaboration qui leur permet de garder une longueur d’avance sur leurs concurrents. Nous simplifions la technologie pour les entreprises afin qu’elles puissent utiliser nos logiciels comme elles le souhaitent, sans interruption. Notre suite d’applications et de services de bout en bout permet aux entreprises et aux organismes publics de 25 secteurs d’activité dans le monde entier de fonctionner de manière rentable, de s’adapter en permanence et de faire la différence. Grâce à un réseau mondial de clients, de partenaires, d’employés et de leaders d’opinion, SAP aide le monde à mieux fonctionner et à améliorer la vie des gens. Pour plus d’informations, visitez le site

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This month’s collection of the best new sites is a mixed bag. Positivity remains from last month’s edition, and what we’re seeing is designers being far more ambitious for the experiences they create.

We have a couple of sites helping to alleviate the damage of war, some unusual approaches to topics that are normally very dour, and some excellent portfolios to be jealous of. Enjoy!

Sarah Fatmi

Characterful illustration and desktop sideways scrolling make this portfolio site for illustrator Sarah Fatmi stand out.

Vestiaire Impact Report

Green is the new black, and fashion resale platform Vestiaire presents its green credentials in an informative and engaging way.


Houseplant is a collection of cannabis-related products designed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg; this site is a lot classier than the average headshop.

FreshCut BarberShop

The site for FreshCut BarberShop is modern, bold, and gets its message across clearly, even if the user doesn’t read French.

Feed The 300

Feed the 300 is an appeal in aid of the animals in Ukraine’s zoos. It is very simple in concept and design, but endearing animated line drawings give it character.

Honeymoon Chicken

Luscious photography combined with surprisingly delicate illustrations makes Honeymoon Chicken very inviting.

Patachou Inc

Patachou Inc operates a group of eateries and the site does a good job of conveying both the very different individual brand identities of each establishment, and the common ethic behind all of them.

Living With OCD

Many design studios do showcase projects, and Living With OCD by designedbyla is one of the more publicly beneficial, and well-executed, examples around.


Aro is a product with a very simple concept — basically, a box to put away a phone, that also charges it — but this website does a great job of increasing the product’s desirability.

Kim Kniepp

The navigation on this site for Kim Kniepp’s design studio feels very interconnected, an effect heightened by the overlapping masonry grid.


There is a calming, reassuring quality to the color used here for Pan-Baltic law firm Triniti. The perpetual motion style hero video adds a confident, soothing touch too.


Creative agency Herezie uses saturation and gradual color changes to pleasing effect in this confident, assured website.


The color choices in this site for MetalColor, and how they are used, succeed in evoking what results the company could achieve without focusing on the less glamorous parts of the process.


Architecture and design studio Gras goes for a clean feel with an irregular grid layout and carefully curated images. The blog sidebar works well too.

Vendredi Society

Dark green and bright yellow make a strong statement in this portfolio site for brand strategists Vendredi Society.


HUB describes itself as a progressive property developer and this site does a great job of leaving behind the corporate image usually associated with property developers.

Nowhere Bakery

Nowhere Bakery makes vegan, paleo, gluten-free cookies, which don’t sound all that appealing on paper. This site manages to make them seem both really tasty and healthy.

Apotheke zur Triumphpforte

The botanical illustration style images on Apotheke zur Triumphpforte’s site help create an approachable brand identity while adding visual interest.


A good balance of images, animation, and illustration combine to create an impactful presence for B!pod’s first product, a food vacuum storage system.

The New Exhibition

The New Exhibition is a showcase platform for Ukrainian creatives — type designers, illustrators, graphic designers, photographers, and others — whose ability to get work has been affected by war.


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This month’s collection of the best new fonts is headed in a lighter and quirkier direction than previous months. What’s more, font foundries seem to be getting more creative with their designs as many of these fonts come with alternative stylistic sets, giving you more control over the resulting typeface.

If you’re looking for some fun new fonts to spice up your web designs with, start here:

1. Beauty Rose

Beauty Rose is a whimsical script font that can add a touch of romance and warmth to header text and hero images. It would also look great when promoting holidays and events like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and weddings.

2. Black Sharp

Black Sharp is a bold display font that works equally well for website logos as it does for physical products (e.g., signage, packaging, book covers, etc.). What’s especially neat about this font is how it transforms when you change its texture. It takes on a very different tone with a grainy look instead of a shiny one, for instance.

3. Goat & Qalvigo

Goat & Qalvigo is a classic serif font with a modern twist. While many of the examples provided by the type designer show off the funky side of the font, thanks to the additional ligatures and alternative styles, you can always use the regular character sets. Either way, you’ll have a classy new font to use all over your website.

4. Happy Comic

Happy Comic is a font filled with personality. Looking at it makes me think of a goofy cartoon character or maybe even an older Adam Sandler movie. This would be a good font for branding lighthearted and humorous brands or publications.

5. Helsa Display

Helsa Display is a slim and compact serif. While serifs usually work pretty well for paragraph text, this one belongs in headlines and sub-headlines because of how thin the characters are. It also has a bit of a dark side (see the examples at the link to see what I mean), so reserve this font for boundary-pushing brands and personalities.

6. Lab Antiqua Variable

Lab Antiqua is a font that took years to create. The most recent release for this font family is called Lab Antiqua Variable. Like other variable fonts, Lab Antiqua will effortlessly transition through a range of font sizes without losing the characteristics that make this serif font so unique.

7. Monomorium

Monomorium is a monospaced typeface with open apertures and a flowing style. In addition, this quirky font comes with additional ligatures, stylistic alternates, parentheses, and more, depending on how fun or buttoned-up you want it to look.

8. Neumond

Neumond is a serif font that pushes the boundaries of legibility. This font gives you the ability to equip the characters with razor-sharp lines, overlap the letters, and push them towards extreme angles. If you have a brand that’s challenging the norm, a font like this that does the same will go really well with it.

9. Pratico Slab UI

Pratico Slab UI is a slab serif font that would add strength and character to the text of a website. You can also experiment with the weight and size if you’re looking for a not-so-boring but highly legible header font.

10. PT Nature

PT Nature is an exciting collection of script fonts. While they all technically belong to the PT Nature family, each font is modeled after different people’s handwriting. So this font family could be really useful if you use a lot of script fonts in your work. Or if you want to make one site and brand look like it has multiple personalities.

11. Rosehot Typeface

Rosehot Typeface is a pretty font that straddles the line between serif and sans serif. With its elegant curves, unexpected twists, and additional angles, this font would beautifully elevate designs for high-end retailers, fashionistas, and others with luxury offerings or services.

12. Shorai Sans

Shorai Sans is a sans serif font inspired by both calligraphic brushstrokes as well as geometric outlines. You can use it to style Latin text as well as Japanese. The font’s creators suggest pairing it with Avenir Next for greater harmony in your designs.

13. Shoutyperson

Shoutyperson is a bold all-caps font. Because of the grungy, stenciled style of the font, it’s not really applicable for many projects. That said, Shoutyperson would be an effective font choice for military, ammunition companies, or brands or personalities associated with a strict, regimented lifestyle (like personal trainers).

14. Simple Farmhouse

Simple Farmhouse is a basic handwriting font that’s highly legible. It resembles the style of writing you’d use to jot down notes on a whiteboard or in a notebook, so it would work well for brands that want to convey a casual and low-key vibe.

15. Sweet Pancakes

Sweet Pancakes is a fun font with full-bodied characters. Most of the examples provided frame the font against food, so this could be used on restaurant websites or food blogs. However, that’s not to say it couldn’t be used elsewhere. It’s a lighthearted and easy-to-read font, so it could just as well be used to style websites and branding for companies and personalities with a bubbly personality and/or positive mission.


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This month all of our web design trends have a common theme – imagery. Whether it’s seasonal or just coincidence, there’s a shift in the styles and types of images on many designs right now. One thing that might push these design trends is a relaxation of COVID-spurred rules worldwide or even fatigue from the pandemic.

Here’s what’s trending in design this month.

1. Little Images Everywhere

The jury is still out on whether we love or hate this design trend – tiny images (and videos) everywhere.

The thing that’s nice is there is a lot to see and interact with. The thing that’s challenging is that these designs can feel a bit unbalanced and all over the place.

Most of these designs feature four or more images or videos at a time. That can be a lot for a user to digest when we are accustomed to having just one thing to look at in the hero area.

Those four or more images then include all of the other user interface elements that you would expect on the page – navigation, large headline, secondary text, scroll, or engagement interaction. It can be a lot to decipher.

Tokyu Garden City does it with a mix of still and moving images with sliders and other animations. The images are always changing and moving, and there’s constantly something new to look at with movement at the top and bottom of the screen.

Buro Jantzen takes the tiny image idea to an extreme with ten images on the homepage. And every one is smaller than a postage stamp. There is a cool effect that happens with each image though. On hover, the small image pops into the large black box at a size where you can really see the photo.

Oliver Guy uses a combination of video images on his website, which makes perfect sense for his industry of drone photography. There’s some interesting hover animation happening that allows you to see additional video clips without leaving the homepage. The contrast of small video on the white background makes this design easy to understand.



2. Big Detail Photography

Photographic details in all their glory. Images and elements that are so in your face that you can see every detail. That’s majorly trending in website design.

Big detail photography and videography is one of those image trends that can be so visually interesting that you can’t look away. It has other benefits, too, such as facilitating decision-making for e-commerce or helping someone better understand what an item is or the overall messaging.

Each of these examples shows something larger than life-size.

Karak creates ceramic tiles. The primary background image is so big and with such detail that it almost only serves as texture for the design. But it is paired with a smaller image and video that pull everything together for a complete understanding. The big detail image is beautiful and exciting and provides an extra layer of information.

Wuillemin Fleuristes features an off-balanced hero image with a large floral detail. What’s interesting about this design choice for a detail image is that it is the only image on the screen and partially obscured by a tinted box and text element. The overall design draws the eye but may leave the user wanting to see a little more of the image.

Horage pushes its watch in your face with motion in a video that zooms the product closer and closer into view. The combination of detailed video with very little text is a bold choice for e-commerce and might work because this item is still in the preorder phase. Detailed imaging is designed to help create a desire for the product.



3. Big Faces are Back

After two years of not having that many faces in design projects, designers are going big and bold and showing people again.

One of the reasons we haven’t seen as many faces in design projects is because there was concern over how to show people – masked or maskless, alone or in crowds – and it caused more concern than was worth just going another way.

But projects with big faces are back in a major way. And it’s refreshing to make virtual eye contact again.

There are plenty of ways to do it, as outlined in each of these examples.

Glassbox Media uses a full-screen oversized video on the homepage. You can see the subject’s eyes and feel engaged with the person on the screen. She seems happy, and the size and scale of the face make you feel almost like you are in a room with her, ready to have a conversation.

Reamarie uses smaller still images with tight crops to bring you into the faces on the screen. There are more, bigger faces throughout the scroll as well so that the user feels connected to the people and product. Even if an image isn’t super large, a tight crop can make it feel bigger and create the same level of engagement as something that has more size on the screen.

Recruit Holdings Co. uses a trio of people together, happy and smiling, to establish a connection with website visitors. The entire design features similar images throughout and makes you feel like you want to be a part of what they are offering. Note that the people are close together and without masks; that’s a culture shift we are starting to see in a lot of imagery.




Photography, videography, and image trends can be driving factors for website design projects. The types of images selected can set the tone for projects, relate to brand identity, and help engage users.


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