Using Bing Maps to remove Shapes With Angular in a Spring Boot Application

This is the third article of the series. The first article is about integrating Bing Maps with Angular and Spring Boot with Jpa. The second article is about adding a new shape to the map and storing it in the Spring Boot backend.

This article is about removing properties of a map with a modal panel to confirm and delete it in the database. The project AngularAndSpringWithMaps is used as an example. To remove a property the property has to be clicked on.

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Coding that sparks joy with Quarkus by Edson Yanaga (@yanaga)

Does your heart beat faster when you’re developing your Java application? Does it spark joy when you’re coding? If not, then it’s time to leave some old ways behind. Join us on this live coding session and get familiar with Quarkus. You’ll learn to love how your old and new favorite APIs will start in a matter of milliseconds and consume tiny amounts of memory. Hot reload capabilities for development will give you instant sparks of joy! 

These live streamings are powered by xgeeks, a KI group company.

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How To Propagate Context Information Throw Spring Batch


While developing applications using Spring batch, especially in a micro-service project, we sometimes face one or most of the following cases:

  • The necessity of getting the security context inside the batch items to call methods that require authorizations inside the same micro-service or perform remote processing by calling other micro-services using Feign Client (HTTP) or  Spring Cloud Stream (broker like Kafka, RabbitMq …)
  • Propagating Sleuth trace Id and span Id in order to enhance logs traceability inside all the application components including other micro-services so the trace will not be lost if we use Job.
  • Getting the connected user Locale (i18n) in order to generate internationalized output otherwise, all the Job outputs will be generated in the default server language.
  • Retrieving objects stored inside Mapped Diagnostic Context  (MDC) for tracing purposes.

The following schema illustrates remote calls that can be performed in a micro-service-based application and the context information that String Batch items can propagate.

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How I Visualize My Spreadsheet Formula Dependencies in a Chart


The formula is the heart of an Excel file. And of course, we all want to do correct calculations and deliver accurate results. When there is something wrong, we want to trace back to those referenced cells to find the root cause. Excel natively has a built-in convenient formula dependent/precedent trace feature, it highlights the dependent/precedent cells and displays arrows to indicate the relationships. This helps users to trace back and find any error formulas easily.

Now, when bringing the spreadsheet online, we can do more. We can display the relationships in a custom way that is most useful according to the application context, or bring them to a different service or application for doing the validation programmatically.

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Project Lambda

Project Lambda is an effort to bring Java into the world of functional programming. 

Lambda is a function without a name. It is an implementation of functional interfaces. A functional interface is an interface that has only a single custom abstract method that isn’t inherited from the object class. In Java, interfaces such as Runnable, Comparable, and many others are the example of Functional Interfaces. It defines an anonymous implementation for one-time use and significantly streamlines your code.

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Understanding of Java Collections

Java Collection is a pretty favorite subject in Java articles. But here, I’ll share my personal thoughts and ideas that you might not know.

Discrete Math and Java Collection

From the first look, Java Collection is a set of structures that fit different problems, like quick data search. But in practice, Java Collection interfaces are representing notions from discrete math.

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How to Intercept and Debug All Java HTTP

Java and the JVM more generally are widely used for services everywhere, but often challenging to debug and manually test, particularly in complicated microservice architectures.

HTTP requests and responses are the core of interactions between these services, and with their external APIs, but they’re also often invisible and inaccessible. It’s hard to examine all outgoing requests, simulate unusual responses & errors in a running system, or mock dependencies during manual testing & prototyping.

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Ionic App Development Over Other Frameworks: Is It Hyped?

Developing a mobile application involves several tasks. There are only two major platforms of mobile applications- Android and iOS. Developers use kotlin and Java to build Android applications while use Objective C and Swift to develop iOS applications. The native development process offers premium performance and API integration and easy to access hardware devices and much more.

One thing you need to keep in mind while doing native app development is that it’s costly, and it depends on the number of platforms you want to cover. This means different applications from different platforms, two codebases, two separate development projects, double the expenses.

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Simulating Latency With SQL/JDBC

I’ve run across a fun little trick to simulate latency in your development environments when testing some SQL queries. Possible use-cases including to validate that backend latency won’t bring down your frontend, or that your UX is still bearable, etc.

The solution is PostgreSQL and Hibernate specific, though it doesn’t have to be. Besides, it uses a stored function to work around the limitations of a VOID function in PostgreSQL, but that can be worked around differently as well, without storing anything auxiliary to the catalog.

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20 Best New Websites, February 2021

It’s February, and the spring sun is finally starting to peep through the winter clouds. While many of us are still largely restricted to our homes, the web has kept on growing.

We see a shift in attitude towards natural health, wellbeing, and sustainability, and these are now being branded less often as outliers and increasingly mainstream. We’re also seeing more and more color all the time, ranging from an emotional signifier in the background to being a functional element in its own right.


Gorgeous color in the background image and the scrolling narrative pull the user in on this site for lab ‘grown’ meat.

Hanwag 100 Years

This page celebrating 100 years of outdoor footwear company Hanweg uses a mix of illustrations and photographs to create a timeline marking the company’s highlights alongside what else was happening at the time. Any excuse to get Yoda in.


Gaffer describes itself as bridging the gap between football, music, fashion, and culture. The site has a glossy feel, with strong art direction and an easily navigable architecture.

Remember MLK

This rather beautifully made tribute to Martin Luther King uses some great typographic effects, and the variations, in contrast, create a layering of the different content elements.

Bonjour Agency

The home page for design agency Bonjour Paris uses sideways scrolling to give an overview of the whole site. There is a lot of content, but it doesn’t feel like waffle, and exploring the site is a pleasant experience in itself.

Wild Souls

Wild Souls is a Greek company that principally makes nut butters, tahini, and halva. The site is very colorful but warm, and the display type — Canela — has a slight softness to it that is appealing.

Nicolas Loureiro

This is a strong portfolio site for interactive and graphic designer Nicolas Loureiro. The work is front and center, and the navigation is pleasing.

Studio Nanna Lagerman

Studio Nanna Lagermann is a small interior design studio that works on private homes, public spaces, and set design. The site creates a feeling of space and calm. Colors are soft and neutral, and the type, although massive in places, is clean and sophisticated.

Aurelia Durand

Illustrator Aurelia Durand created her own typeface that she uses in her work, and it is used as the main display font here too. This site has a sense of joy about it that is hard to resist.

Archivio Mario Russo

This site documents the life and work of 20th-century Italian artist Mario Russo. The layout is thoughtful, and the text, while informative, doesn’t detract from the work being shown.

Gigantic Candy

Gigantic Candy makes vegan chocolate candy bars. The site is big, bold and lo-fi, and has a sense of fun to it.


dBodhi sells handcrafted furniture from Java, made from reclaimed teak and locally grown plant materials. The clean layout combined with a slight sepia tone on all the photography creates a feeling of quietness and nature.

Menu Durable

Menu Durable is a guide to creating healthier, sustainable food menus in Canadian healthcare facilities. There is a lot of information here, and it is well written and attractively presented with clear color coding.

Virgile Guinard

This is a lovely, simple portfolio site for photographer Virgile Guinard. By using blocks of color pulled from each photograph’s predominant color and only revealing each photograph on rollover, each image is allowed to stand out.

The Bold Type

This site for The Bold Type Hotel in Patra, Greece, is a boutique hotel website archetype, but it is done well. The pinky sand background color is a good choice, and the photographs are excellent.


Nor Norm provide an office furniture subscription service. The site is clean with a feeling of light and space. There is a good balance between an overview of the process and details of the individual items available.

Ask Us For Ideas

At first glance, Ask Us For Ideas looks like a creative agency, but it is actually a creative broker, matching clients with agencies.

Prinoth Clean Motion

Prinoth has been making snow groomers since the 1960s, and this microsite is to mark the launch of their new hydrogen and electric versions. It is as slick and glossy as any luxury car website. And now I know what a snow groomer is.


Design agency Pschhh has embraced the use of circles, reflecting the sound of bubbles their name suggests.


CōLab is a design and marketing firm. There is a great use of color and movement here, and you don’t really notice initially that there is no actual work on show.


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