Dart is a client-optimized language for developing fast apps on any platform. Its goal is to offer the most productive programming language for multi-platform development, paired with a flexible execution runtime platform for app frameworks.

MQTT is a lightweight IoT messaging protocol based on publish/subscribe model, which can provide real-time and reliable messaging services for connected devices with minimal code and bandwidth. It is widely used in industries, such as IoT, mobile Internet, smart hardware, Internet of vehicles, and power and energy.

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As we head into the final month of 2022, plenty of new ideas and website design trends are still emerging. The evolution throughout the year has been exciting and designed to help website designers and developers create greater engagement and interactivity while pushing the envelope. These trends are no exception.

Here’s what’s trending in design this month.

1. Video Game Inspiration

That space where reality and virtual reality merge is popular for website design. Trending are design elements and themes with a pseudo-video game style that looks interactive, somewhat real, and much imagined.

These websites can have a variety of looks and themes but have a few key elements in common:

  • Plenty of animation
  • Interactive elements, real or perceived
  • Fast motion that puts the user in the scene
  • ”Unreal elements” such as the bat-skull for Mythical Games
  • Dark color schemes
  • Often lack traditional navigation or calls to action so that the “game” is the whole screen
  • Leading text or design elements to help you move through interactions

Each of these examples takes a similar but different approach with their video-game-inspired design styles.

Adidas uses a three-dimensional trio of people in flight to get you interested in jobs at their animation studio. The point of view makes you feel part of the action, but traditional design elements, such as navigation, help you know what to do next.

Mutant Stand looks like an old-school video game and moves between a home screen with navigational elements to more of an in-game experience. The motion creates an interactive feel even before you dive into the design.

Mythical Games is an actual gaming website design, so you would expect video game inspiration here. Interestingly, this site takes the most subtle approach, although the design elements of fantasy are strong here.

2. Difficult Typography

Sometimes website design trends can be tough to explain. That’s the case with this one, where designers are experimenting with very difficult typography styles. What’s difficult about the text in these projects is readability.

Difficult typography is somewhat subjective but is emphasized by designs that have a lot of words. The reading challenge extends to mobile design, particularly when these fonts are smaller and can present even greater readability issues.

There are a lot of different styles and combinations of typefaces that can cause readability challenges. Some of the most common for website design include:

  • Condensed or thin typefaces
  • Unusual character styles or strokes
  • Modern or thick serifs
  • Old world styles
  • Scripts or cursive styles

All of this, though, is somewhat in the eye of the beholder. While these examples all present some reading challenges, the designs are still interesting and visually sound. Whether to make these font choices is a personal choice, but you should pay attention to your audience base and website analytics to make sure it works for you.

Here’s where you probably see a lot of this trend outside of website design. Pay attention to the typefaces used for World Cup broadcasts. Difficult typefaces are paired for all on-screen text elements.

Kakeru Yagou uses an interesting modern serif with a bit of a tilted style. As a logotype, the typography works pretty well. It is when there’s a lot to read that the challenge comes into play.

Abymes Numerique uses a condensed typeface in an all-caps style. Either of these options alone might create less of a readability concern than when paired.

Think Dance uses an incredibly interesting but difficult typeface for the two keywords on its website. They do an excellent job by using only two words and pairing them with easy-to-read options everywhere else. But it still takes a minute to think about and comprehend the words, so you can argue the effectiveness of the font choice.

3. Avatars

Already popular on social media platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook, avatars are having a pretty big moment in website design as well. The big difference is that website avatars aren’t just cartoon heads, they can include full-body designs and animated effects.

Avatars can have an extremely personal look and feel, such as when they are used for portfolio websites or be more character-oriented. Both are an excellent way to use faces and incorporate somewhat of a personal element when you don’t have the right photography for the job or want a greater element of whimsy in the design.

Simona Nikolova uses an oversized avatar for her portfolio site. She pairs it with her name to create a connection with users, and the style shows her creativity as well. An avatar is a good way to “show yourself” in a portfolio without the privacy concerns that might come with an actual photo.

Byte Trading uses “Lego-style” avatars to get you interested enough to “enter” the website. Each avatar moves and changes clothing to get you ready to enter the website for the crypto marketplace. Avatars are a popular option for crypto and NFT websites.

Pomelo Paradigm uses three-dimensional avatars to create scenes throughout its website. These created characters help explain what the company does and interactions people should have with the design. They have very human looks, and you almost don’t miss that they aren’t actual photographs.


As we head into a new year, what website design trends are you most excited for? Do you plan to try new things with projects in the new year? Hopefully, these trends give you some ideas and jumpstart that inspiration heading into 2023.


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Looking to save big and make your web design job easier at the same?

This carefully picked list includes top-tier quality items that have already been used by hundreds of thousands of people like you.

From WordPress themes, plugins, web apps, website builders, and illustrations, this list has everything for everyone.

Check all these 10 excellent deals for designers below:

1. Amelia

Amelia is a WordPress booking plugin that saves businesses time and money from the beginning by replacing their manual or semi-automated appointment and event booking operations with a fully automated one.

Amelia is easy to set up and use. Fitness centers, consulting organizations, training institutions, beauty salons and spas, photographers, medical centers, and other businesses that rely heavily on client and customer appointment or event bookings will profit from using it.

  • Clients can go online to make appointments 24/7, change or cancel appointments, and make payments. They can also purchase tickets for events and add special requirements.
  • Amelia automatically sends notifications, reminders, and follow-ups by SMS, WhatsApp, and email (reducing no-shows while keeping clients aware of upcoming special sessions or events).
  • Amelia also manages group appointments, packages of appointments, employees’ schedules, special days, and days offs.
  • All the above can be managed at one or multiple locations from a single dashboard.

Amelia integrates with Google Calendar, Google Meet, Zoom, and Outlook Calendar. Click on the banner to learn more about what this amazing application could do for your business.

2. wpDataTables

Creating an informative table or chart for your website can be pretty labor-intensive.

  • You may have to work with and organize copious amounts of data.
  • You need to avoid compromising your website’s design at the expense of getting the tables or charts you want.
  • Your tables and charts may need to be responsive, editable, informative, and readable.

wpDataTables plugin does all the above for you and more. It is packed with powerful table and chart-building features that include –

  • 4 chart-building engines: Google Charts, Chart.js, Apex Charts, and Highcharts
  • The ability to accept data from multiple database sources and in numerous standard formats
  • The ability to highlight critical data, or color code data using Conditional Formatting
  • A wealth of powerful data filtering and sorting features
  • Live data from Google spreadsheets or JSON API

wpDataTables integrates seamlessly with Avada, Divi, Elementor, Gutenberg, and WPBakery. Click on the banner to learn even more about this popular WordPress plugin.

3. Trafft

To automate a booking operation, you might need one tool to book appointments, one to accept payments, another to manage employee schedules, and so on. Of course, if your business provides services at multiple locations, then you would multiply the number of tools times the number of locations, and you’ll be good to go.

Or, you could go with Trafft, a single tool with which you can manage all of the above, at multiple locations, all from a single platform.

  • Clients can book appointments online 24/7.
  • They can make payments online using PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, or Authorize .net.
  • Trafft sends reminders and notifications automatically via email or SMS.
  • Trafft integrates smoothly with Google Calendar, Google Meet, Outlook, and Zoom.

Click on the banner to learn about all of Trafft’s booking capabilities. You’ll be impressed.

4. WordLift

WordLift helps your website speak the language of Google. This way, your content will be discovered by users, giving you more organic traffic and helping your business website achieve excellent rankings.

  • WordLift uses AI to transform unstructured content into structured data that search engines can understand.
  • WordLift creates a knowledge graph, automates SEO tasks, and analyzes search intent.

Other features include automatic schema markup, content recommendation widgets, WooCommerce, and Image SEO, all designed to improve user engagement.

5. Total WordPress Theme

Three words summarize Total: flexible, easy, and complete. This aptly named WordPress theme is WooCommerce compatible and has everything you need to create one-of-a-kind sites.

  • Total puts excellent selections of demos, templates, and postcards at your fingertips.
  • The popular Slider Revolution plugin is included, as is Total’s flexible drag-and-drop page builder.

The 50% Black Friday discount is automatically applied when you order.

6. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose & WooCommerce Theme

TheGem – the versatile WordPress website builder – offers unlimited customizations, plenty of design & marketing focused features, an extended library of pre-built designs, and the fastest loading times: 

  • You have ready access to a rich selection of 400+ pre-built websites in outstanding design quality 
  • It enables you to build every part of your website right away in Elementor or WPBakery: headers & footers, WooCommerce pages, blogs, mega menus, popups, and much more.
  • You’ll love the 5-star user support, just as have 60,000 others.

TheGem can be yours at a 40% Black Friday discount.

7. Mobirise Website Builder Software

The best offline website builder for 2022 is free to use. That is in itself a great bargain. Mobirise’s team has sweetened the pot by offering a 33% Black Friday discount for their All-in-One Kit with its 175 premium themes and extensions.

  • Mobirise is strictly drag-and-drop and features huge selections of blocks, templates, icons, and images.
  • Your site is yours to host anywhere you want

More than 2 million sites have already been created using Mobirise.

8. Embed Instagram Feed

Instagram offers a terrific way to promote your business’s products or services. Its focus on visual communication makes it an extremely effective marketing tool.

  • It takes but three simple steps to embed Instagram into your website.
  • A variety of display options are available.
  • Your feed will be fully responsive and compatible with mobile devices.

An Instagram feed is yours at a 33% Black Friday discount.

9. Getillustrations Web and App Illustrations Bundle


Getillustrations is loaded with trendy illustrations you can pick and choose from, download once, and use forever.

  • Selecting one or more of the 13,000 different illustrations in over 100 categories can definitely add spice to your web designs.
  • Illustrations come in PNG, SVG, Ai, Figma, and Sketch formats and Getillustrations adds new ones every week.

Use the EliteDesigners25 code to get your 25% Black Friday discount.

10. Rey Theme

Rey is an innovative WooCommerce theme that is loaded with WooCommerce-friendly features and is easy to set up and use.

  • Key WooCommerce features include filtering, search, templating, and navigation.
  • Rey’s smart search helps site visitors find exactly what they want
  • Quickview and Ajax search is also available

Headers are customized for eCommerce, and visitors will appreciate Rey’s helpful cart, wish list, and checkout features.

Black Friday is not far off. Before you know it, many producers of WordPress themes, tools, and services will be offering tempting discounts.

Even if you come across a deal that appeals to you, it doesn’t hurt to look around to see if you can find a better one.

Keep in mind that the quality of a product or service is more important than its reduced price. It’s always best to pick and choose carefully. So, we’ve put together this list of the best Black Friday deals for 2022 to help you do just that.


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Voyons concrètement comment certains clients Success Factors ont réussi à transformer leur culture de la formation et gestion des talents en s’appuyant sur SAP SuccessFactors Learning et SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone.


L’une des plus anciennes organisations au Monde, Royal Mail Group, peut retracer son histoire sur plus de 500 ans, depuis son origine en 1516. Ceci étant, comme tant d’autres entreprises, elle est confrontée à la nécessité d’une transformation de ses activités commerciales pour être reconnue comme la première entreprise de livraison au Royaume-Uni et en Europe et pour rester en tête de l’évolution des besoins du marché.

Royal Mail Group est une organisation mondiale, opérant dans 43 pays à travers le monde et employant plus de 140 000 personnes. Elle distribue chaque année plus de 1,8 milliard de colis et 14 milliards de lettres. Pour poursuivre la transformation de ses activités et de sa main-d’œuvre, Royal Mail avait besoin d’une plateforme offrant une expérience utilisateur personnalisée, fournissant les bons outils et les bonnes informations au bon format et au bon moment, afin de remplir ses fonctions quotidiennes. Avec SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone, SAP SuccessFactors Learning et BLEND de TalenTeam, Royal Mail a transformé son expérience d’apprentissage en proposant une plateforme numérique de développement personnel centrée sur l’utilisateur, baptisée ” The Royal Mail Academy “, qui a eu un impact intrinsèque sur la culture d’entreprise grâce à une approche ascendante de l’apprentissage et du développement.

Entièrement déployée en 12 semaines seulement, la plateforme permet de réunir tous les employés en un seul endroit pour tous leurs besoins RH, ainsi que les applications et services dont ils ont besoin. Aujourd’hui, les données permettent d’identifier plus facilement les experts locaux, 30 % du public cible a déjà utilisé la nouvelle plateforme après la mise en œuvre, l’agilité entre les gestionnaires de programmes et les employés de première ligne a augmenté, l’engagement des employés s’est considérablement amélioré et la diffusion des informations à grande échelle est plus rationalisée

Un autre client intéressant : Corning Incorporated, une entreprise technologique multinationale spécialisée dans les verres spéciaux, les céramiques ainsi que dans les matériaux et technologies connexes, opérant dans 60 pays et employant plus de 50 000 employés.

Ils utilisent SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone pour différents cas d’utilisation, mais concentrons-nous sur celui de la formation et du développement. Comme d’autres gros clients, Corning est composé de nombreuses divisions commerciales différentes qui ont toutes des besoins différents. L’objectif était de mettre en place différentes expériences universitaires d’apprentissage en tirant parti de l’investissement existant dans SAP SuccessFactors Learning et de créer un environnement qui permet aux personnes d’être guidées dans le développement de leur carrière. L’utilisation des espaces de travail améliore l’expérience globale, par exemple en complétant l’apprentissage formel par un apprentissage collaboratif.

Corning utilise les capacités de personnalisation pour aider les individus à trouver des informations pour des utilisations particulières et qui leurs sont utiles, au lieu d’être potentiellement submergés par trop d’informations. Il est utile de donner à l’utilisateur la possibilité de choisir le contenu qu’il souhaite et qui l’intéresse. Il peut s’agir de tout type d’information provenant des solutions SAP SuccessFactors, mais aussi de Microsoft Teams pour faciliter les groupes d’apprentissage virtuels.

Corning prévoit également d’accompagner ses collaborateurs délocalisés en distanciel grâce aux fonctionnalités de SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone, car elle ne dispose pas actuellement d’une plateforme pour communiquer avec elle de manière efficace. Avec cette solution, l’entreprise peut communiquer de manière plus plus engageante, directement depuis leur appareil mobile ou même leur ordinateur portable à la maison, et ce dans plusieurs langues. Corning étudie actuellement la solution SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace, qui permettra à ses employés de piloter leur propre développement et leur croissance tout en s’alignant sur les valeurs et la stratégie de Corning en matière de talents. Cela peut être un facteur de différenciation important lorsqu’il s’agit d’attirer et de retenir les talents, tout en permettant à l’entreprise de soutenir la croissance de ses effectifs.

Découvrez comment les solutions SAP SuccessFactors et SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone aident les entreprises à améliorer leurs expériences d’apprentissage pour se préparer à l’avenir.



Margit Bauer est directrice du marketing des solutions chez SAP SE.

Mark Tarallo est chercheur en marketing de solutions chez SAP.

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Flutter is a new framework for developing mobile apps that promise to be faster and more efficient than React Native. But what exactly is Flutter, and how does it compare to React Native?

Flutter is a mobile app SDK that allows developers to create high-quality native apps for both iOS and Android. Flutter uses the Dart programming language, which is similar to JavaScript, but with some important differences.

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With more and more digitalization, there are more requirements for mobile and mobile apps that we use daily. The increase in mobile storage spaces raised to 256 GB, which is sure to increase as we meet customer needs, add new features, and support apps on different screen sizes. 

Based on the report, 74% of the world uses Android, and around 70% of users look for the app size before installing any app.

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