+523% of threats detected by Kaspersky in 2019 !

In 2019, the number of threats detected by the antivirus Web Kaspersky has increased by 523 %, compared to last year. In detail, the number of malicious objects separate (scripts, exploitations of vulnerabilities and executable files) detected has increased, he, of 14% compared to the previous year, to reach 24 610 126.
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Microsoft Azure SQL Database: vCore vs. DTU

We love Microsoft Azure. It is by far the most developed cloud providers in IaaS, PaaS, and even SaaS (Office 365) that you can get. It is well thought out from an administration point of view, a strong API to control most aspects of it, and offers as many developer-oriented services as you can imagine. Much like Amazon, it also offers its variety of databases as a service.

Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Buying a license for database software and installing it on a server is only a small portion of the cost and effort. Since most database licenses are not cheap to begin with, you can imagine the total bill, which includes items such as:

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How Russia Blocked Our Site and How We Dealt With It

As many other services, mkdev.me also fell prey to the recent banning campaign conducted by Roskomnadzor. It resulted in significant traffic loss, which deprived us of many potential customers. At first, users of several mobile operators couldn’t open mkdev and then even the major internet service providers started suffering from the blocks.

For the first two days we were holding out hope that common sense would prevail. But it didn’t happen and after a while it only changed for the worse, so we personally had to take control of that. And now we are going to talk about how we were fighting against the blocking of our service and finally won and saved the part of the market, which is critically important for our business.

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Slack Is (Probably) Killing Your Productivity

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The average office worker is interrupted with some sort of distraction every 11 minutes.

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Tom’s Tech Notes: IoT Fails [Podcast]

Welcome to our latest episode of Tom’s Tech Notes! In this episode, we’ll hear advice from a host of industry experts about where organizations go wrong when implementing IoT so you don’t make the same mistakes.

As a primer and reminder from our initial post, these podcasts are compiled from conversations our analyst Tom Smith has had with industry experts from around the world as part of his work on our research guides.

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.NET Blogs to Follow: The Ultimate List

Back in the day, books were the only way to gain knowledge. I remember spending hundreds of hours in book stores and in the local library, digging up old books about programming. Fast forward to 2019 and my focus has almost entirely shifted to blogs. Here’s my personal list of my recommendations for .NET blogs to follow.

  1. Scott Hanselman: He really doesn’t need any introduction. Scott’s blog is one of the best resources for .NET developers. Besides blogging about .NET, Scott also writes a lot of interesting posts about productivity.

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Do You Have These Four Power Skills?

A very interesting roundtable discussion at Skillsoft’s Perspectives 2019 user conference. The discussion was hosted by Ron Hovsepian, Executive Chairman, Skillsoft. Participants included Xi Xi Jia, Global Head of Learning and Development CoE, RELX Group, Heber Sambucetti, V.P. Learning and Development, Accenture, and Jennifer Rinck, V.P. Learning, Hilton.

They discussed how learning is a critical part of each organization given the need to attract, keep, and reskill employees. RELX, the parent of Reed Elsevier, Lexis Nexis and more, has 30,000 globally distributed employees in 40 countries. Accenture has gone from 40,000 to 275,000 employees in the past five years and has 40,000 employees participating in their Skillpoint learning portal every month. Hilton has 17 brands and 400,000 employees and uses curated, global content to train employees worldwide. All three are delivering learning to team members on a continuous basis with compliance and inclusion being a big issue.

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SKP’s Java / Java EE Gotchas: Revisiting Java SE 5 Features!

So, preparing for an interview? Want to revisit some Java SE 5 features? Trying to recall or revise a Java SE programming construct? Let me take you back in time to what was introduced first in Java SE 5! This progression and tutorial series on Java, as we all eagerly await the official release of Java SE 9!

Java SE 5 Release Date: 04-10-2004

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More on How Servlets Work in Java [Video]

In the video below, we take a closer look at how servlets work using a flow chart. Let’s get started!

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#VoiceFirst: Unpacking 2018’s Hits and Misses and the Future in 2019

This past year, we’ve all used or at least seen AI being used in everyday interactions in some shape or form. Google Home and Alexa sales are skyrocketing and AI is becoming more and more mainstream.

2019 will witness AI application maturity and see #voicefirst attain some real success. And it won’t just be Google Assistant and Alexa because companies like Alibaba are also racing ahead and getting some remarkable ROI from their voice assistants. But let’s step back and take a quick look at 2018 to identify some patterns, both positive and negative, behind the explosive growth of smart speakers.

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