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+523% of threats detected by Kaspersky in 2019 !

In 2019, the number of threats detected by the antivirus Web Kaspersky has increased by 523 %, compared to last year. In detail, the number of malicious objects separate (scripts, exploitations of vulnerabilities and executable files) detected has increased, he, of 14% compared to the previous year, to reach 24 610 126. Source de l’article […]


How Russia Blocked Our Site and How We Dealt With It

As many other services, mkdev.me also fell prey to the recent banning campaign conducted by Roskomnadzor. It resulted in significant traffic loss, which deprived us of many potential customers. At first, users of several mobile operators couldn’t open mkdev and then even the major internet service providers started suffering from the blocks. For the first […]

Tom’s Tech Notes: IoT Fails [Podcast]

Welcome to our latest episode of Tom’s Tech Notes! In this episode, we’ll hear advice from a host of industry experts about where organizations go wrong when implementing IoT so you don’t make the same mistakes. As a primer and reminder from our initial post, these podcasts are compiled from conversations our analyst Tom Smith has had with industry […]

.NET Blogs to Follow: The Ultimate List

Back in the day, books were the only way to gain knowledge. I remember spending hundreds of hours in book stores and in the local library, digging up old books about programming. Fast forward to 2019 and my focus has almost entirely shifted to blogs. Here’s my personal list of my recommendations for .NET blogs […]

Do You Have These Four Power Skills?

A very interesting roundtable discussion at Skillsoft’s Perspectives 2019 user conference. The discussion was hosted by Ron Hovsepian, Executive Chairman, Skillsoft. Participants included Xi Xi Jia, Global Head of Learning and Development CoE, RELX Group, Heber Sambucetti, V.P. Learning and Development, Accenture, and Jennifer Rinck, V.P. Learning, Hilton. They discussed how learning is a critical […]