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The Value of Internal APIs

Internal APIs are designed primarily to streamline software development and simplify systems and operational processes. These currently represent the vast majority of use cases. Internal APIs are often overlooked since they are aimed at in-house developers. These types of APIs generally work with proprietary data specific to a company and its departments. Although this data […]

Google Details Patched Bugs in Signal, FB Messenger, JioChat Apps

In January 2019, a critical flaw was reported in Apple’s FaceTime group chats feature that made it possible for users to initiate a FaceTime video call and eavesdrop on targets by adding their own number as a third person in a group chat even before the person on the other end accepted the incoming call. The vulnerability […]

12 Best WordPress Themes for 2021

If you already have a good idea of what you want a new website to look like, the next step would be to decide on the tools you’ll need to put into play to turn that vision into a reality. Tools enable you to present its content in ways that will engage and captivate its […]

L’authentification multifacteur ne doit pas être réservée aux dirigeants

Si l’année 2020 a été marquée par la crise liée à la COVID-19 dans le monde entier, elle l’a aussi été par le nombre de cyberattaques qui ont visé les entreprises en France. The post L’authentification multifacteur ne doit pas être réservée aux dirigeants first appeared on UnderNews. Source de l’article sur UNDERNEWS

Poll: Should Designers Stay Out of Politics?

The Beazley Design of the Year for 2020 has just been awarded to US architecture firm Rael San Fratello & Colectivo Chopeke for their Teeter-Totter Wall project, a series of luminous pink seesaws built into the US-Mexico border wall in July 2019. The 74 shortlisted entrants for the prize range from a poster for vegan burgers […]

Researchers Discover Raindrop — 4th Malware Linked to the SolarWinds Attack

Cybersecurity researchers have unearthed a fourth new malware strain—designed to spread the malware onto other computers in victims’ networks—which was deployed as part of the SolarWinds supply chain attack disclosed late last year. Dubbed « Raindrop » by Broadcom-owned Symantec, the malware joins the likes of other malicious implants such as Sunspot, Sunburst (or Solorigate), and Teardrop that Source de […]

Alerte de la NSA sur le DNS sur HTTPS (DoH) et le risque de cyberattaques

En juin dernier l’agence nationale de la sécurité américaine, la NSA, avait présenté un programme pilote d’un DNS « sécurisé » s’adressant aux fournisseurs/sous-traitants de la défense américaine en vue d’améliorer la cybersécurité de ces derniers. The post Alerte de la NSA sur le DNS sur HTTPS (DoH) et le risque de cyberattaques first appeared on […]

SAP classée parmi les 25 entreprises mondiales championnes de l’accompagnement des start-ups et lauréate « Corporate Startup Accelerator Award »

Paris, le 14 janvier 2021 – SAP SE (NYSE : SAP) annonce avoir été récompensée par un Corporate Startup Stars Award comme l’une des 25 entreprises les plus actives pour encourager l’innovation ouverte avec les start-ups. SAP a également reçu le prix Corporate Startup Accelerator pour ses efforts d’accélération et pour avoir identifié les meilleures […]

Exciting New Tools for Designers, January 2021

The new year is often packed with resolutions. Make the most of those goals and resolve to design better, faster, and more efficiently with some of these new tools and resources. Here’s what new for designers this month. Radix UI Radix UI is an open-source UI component library for building high-quality, accessible design systems and […]