What Is an API? It’s a Language!

There are many different ways in which you can answer the seemingly simple question: "What is an API?"

Previous discussions focused on the technical fundamentals ("it has to be networked and reusable") and on the bigger picture ("it’s a delivery mechanism for a product").

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Five Questions Everyone Is Asking About Microservices (Part 5)

How would an API gateway or service mesh be used to migrate an application to a more modern way of working? 

When discussing the development impact on existing applications while transitioning to microservices, there are five questions that keep popping up in one form or another. They are the same regardless of the size of the organization and seem to become part of strategy discussions later in the process as organizations move towards microservice architectures.

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What Is an API Platform?

The term API Platform has been used synonymously by some vendors with API Management, Full Lifecycle API Management, and even the term API Gateway. Everyone loves to spice up a subject with the word platform but being loose with the term is cutting the subject short. What is an API Platform? An API Platform is all these things and more.

An API Platform’s purpose is to serve net new application development — building new capabilities, new experiences, nurturing ecosystems, and more. API Management, Full Lifecycle API Management, and API Gateways are tables stakes here of course. These bring life to API design and development, to lifecycle management, to policy and security enforcement, to analytics and to nurturing development communities as consumers of these APIs. All critical.

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