assetfinder – Find Related Domains and Subdomains

assetfinder is a Go-based tool to find related domains and subdomains that are potentially related to a given domain from a variety of sources including Facebook, ThreatCrowd, Virustotal and more.

assetfinder uses a variety of sources including those in the infosec space and social networks which can give relevant info:

  • certspotter
  • hackertarget
  • threatcrowd
  • wayback machine
  • facebook – Needs FB_APP_ID and FB_APP_SECRET environment variables set ( and you need to be careful with your app’s rate limits
  • virustotal – Needs VT_API_KEY environment variable set (
  • findsubdomains – Needs SPYSE_API_TOKEN environment variable set (the free version always gives the first response page, and you also get “25 unlimited requests”) — (

Sources to be implemented:

  • (?)

Usage of assetfinder to Find Related Domains and Subdomains

The usage is very simple with only one option basically, to limit the search to subdomains only – by default it will scan for all associated domains and subdomains.

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