Is your organization using AI/machine learning for many of its products, or planning to use AI models extensively for upcoming products? Do you have a set of AI guiding principles in place for stakeholders such as product managers, data scientists, and machine learning researchers to make sure that safe and unbiased AI is used for developing AI-based solutions? Are you planning to create AI guiding principles for other AI stakeholders, including business stakeholders, customers, and partners?

If the answer to the above questions is not "yes," you should start thinking about laying down AI guiding principles, sooner than later, to help everyone from the executive team to product management to data scientists plan, build, test, deploy, and govern your AI-based products. The rapidly growing capabilities of AI-based systems have started inviting questions from business stakeholders (including customers and partners) to provide details on the impact, governance, ethics, and accountability of AI-based products integrated into various business processes and workflows. No longer can a company afford to hide some of the above details in light of IP-related or privacy concerns. 

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