In my previous article, I explained one of the messages flows in detail from the point of view of implementing in- and outbound messaging with Spring Integration’s AMQP support. I briefly mentioned that data handler adapters are loaded dynamically, and they’re plugged into the message flow. In this third part, we’ll explore one of those technical challenges in detail that the application’s modular design raise and how it can be tackled by using Spring Boot 2’s new property Binder API.

What Will You Learn After Reading This Article?

For most of the use cases, having a predefined, static message flow is sufficient. However, that’s not the case for the forget-me app, as multiple data handlers can be configured, which will carry data erasure out. One major challenge to address is deciding whether or not a particular data handler needs to be initialized and plugged into the main message flow. I can tell you beforehand that Spring’s conditional configuration will be used to do that.

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