How AI Is Challenging Traditional Translators

In the last decade, translation services have grown exponentially to include hardware devices such as Travis Translator, earphones such as Waverly Labs’ pilot, Microsoft Translator, — which not only translates text, but also speech, images, and street signs — Google translate, and Facebook translation. Translations are occurring faster and with greater accuracy thanks to machine translation. 

But what does this mean for the traditional translator? As an expatriate in Germany, I am a user of both translation services and translation software, so I was interested to find out more. I spoke with the CEO and founder of Gengo, Matt Romaine. He co-founded Gengo in 2009 with the aim to democratize access to the opportunity for language enthusiasts around the world and become the bridge to mass global communication. Gengo offers a crowd-sourced human translation platform now with over 20,000 translators supporting 35+ languages. Their clients include Trip Advisor, Etsy, Salesforce, eBay, Facebook, and Google.

Source de l’article sur DZONE (AI)

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