Acknowledging the need and importance of friction-free customer engagement and significant experience, Microsoft has stepped up to launch the open data initiative partnering with Adobe and SAP. With ODI, the trio aims to enhance the customer experience offering a more personalized profile. It entails the likelihood where data from different kinds of channels can be clubbed together to build a streamlined user profile in real-time. This can be regarded as the initiative to redefine customer experience management.  

Why Such an Initiative and Why Now?  

There have been tons of debates questioning the need for this partnership and the likes of an open data initiative. It is no doubt that data is ruling every business activity today. Companies have shifted from adopting a revenue-driven approach to customer-oriented undertakings. Technologies excel on the data front to build and deliver user-specific solutions. And this is just the start. According to a survey, there would be around 47k exabytes of data by 2020, and the number is only expected to rise.  

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