Dev Interrupted: Async Dev with DuckDuckGo Engineering Director

This week on the Dev Interrupted podcast, I spoke with Cate Huston, Director of Engineering at DuckDuckGo. She’s an expert in asynchronous development and shared tons of interesting ideas: 

  •  How DuckDuckGo utilizes transient and permanent spaces differently
  •  How product feedback sessions are completed asynchronously
  •  How to help new remote employees feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment. 
  •  The unique relationship between asynchronous managers and developers  

Cate is really smart and has a super-awesome sounding accent so check it out! 

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Agile Localization. What Is It And How Is It Managed?

Today everything that can be agile is going agile. Agility has become a bonafide IT mantra for every process in the software development life cycle. Localization, as an essential part of product creation, is no exception.

Localization is often treated as an after-thought. Only when the development and testing are finished do teams start to think about localizing their software. However, when you relegate the localization step to the last minute you risk missing deadlines and, worse, releasing a product not quite ready for worldwide launch. 

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The Complete Guide on How to Conduct a Sprint Planning Meeting like a Pro

Ever been a part of a Sprint planning meeting that seemed to last an eternity with no concrete conclusion achieved? Everyone has. And we are here to change that.

This article is all about teaching you how to conduct a Sprint planning meeting that will make your upcoming Sprints more effective, efficient, and, hopefully, less miserable. Let’s start at the very beginning.

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