The Complexity of API Discovery

I can’t get API discovery out of my mind. Partly because I am investing significant cycles in this area at work, but it is also something I have been thinking about for so long that it is difficult to move on. It remains one of the most complex, challenging, and un-addressed aspects of the way the web is working (or not working) online today. I feel pretty strongly that there hasn’t been an investment in the area of API discovery because most technology companies providing and consuming APIs prefer things to be un-discoverable, for a variety of conscious and unconscious reasons behind these belief systems.

What Does API Discovery Mean? Depends on Who You Are…

One of the reasons that API discovery does not evolve in any significant way is because there is not any real clarity on what API discovery is. Depending on who you are and what your role in the technology sector is, you’ll define API discovery in a variety of ways. There are a handful of key actors that contribute to the complexity of defining and optimizing in the area of API discovery.

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