A user interface to create, read, update or delete records (CRUD) is an essential component of any computer system. The existing user interfaces and activities in record management can be further optimized. Some existing CRUD interfaces involve migrating to a few different pages with a different set of controls and different functionalities. This proposed model is developed to achieve all the functions related to record management on the same page with the same set of controls. This model can achieve all the CRUD functionality in a single page with the same set of controls using minimal interactions. This model ensures a higher level of user-friendliness with more efficient resource management. The proposed model can be extended easily to accommodate specific requirements in different situations.


Several entities need to have CRUD functionality even in a simple software solution. The users may view records through the user interface. They may update the viewed record or delete that. The users also need to create new records. This functionality is currently achieved by different systems using a combination of pages. Each page involved has different components with different actions on each page. These systems could have been improved to achieve the same functionality in a simpler and more user-friendly manner. This article discusses a simple, yet powerful model to manage records and have a more user-friendly UI and fewer interactions to achieve the same CRUD operations. This proposed model can achieve all CRUD functions in a single page with the same set of control with minimal interactions.

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