In the early days of software development, anyone seeking to develop a web, mobile, or backend application had to own the hardware required to run a server, which is an expensive process.

Then, when cloud computing came, it became possible to lease server space or a number of servers remotely. The developers and companies who rent these fixed units of server space generally overbuy to ensure that a spike in traffic or activity won’t exceed their monthly limits and break their applications. Because of this, a lot of the server space that gets paid for can be wasted.

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The NonNullable type is a utility type in TypeScript that creates a new type, whilst removing all null or undefined elements. It lets us take existing types, and modify them so they are more suitable in certain situations. Let’s look at how it works.

Custom Types

This article covers custom types. To learn more about custom types, read my guide about it here.

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Ever looked for a comprehensive intro to Maven that is fun and entertaining at the same time? Then have a look at this brand-new episode of the « Marco Codes » YouTube channel: Maven Tutorial – Nice & Easy.

In this video, you’ll learn how to use Maven like a professional: installations, using the mvn wrapper, using Maven together with IDEs, and of course the Maven basics. From pom.xml concepts to running commands (clean install) to understanding Maven repositories and multi-module projects, by the end of it, there won’t be many questions left when it comes to Maven.

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A combination of AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway is a widely-used architecture for serverless microservices and API-based solutions. They enable developers to focus on their applications, instead of spending time provisioning and managing servers.

API Gateway is a feature-rich offering that includes support for different API types (HTTP, REST, WebSocket), multiple authentication schemes, API versioning, canary deployments, and much more! However, if your requirements are simpler and all you need is an HTTP(S) endpoint for your Lambda function (for example, to serve as a webhook), you can use Lambda Function URLs! When you create a function URL, Lambda automatically generates a unique HTTP(S) endpoint that is dedicated to your Lambda function.

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Securing applications is not the easiest thing to do. An application has many components: server-side logic, client-side logic, data storage, data transportation, API, and more. With all these components to secure, building a secure application can seem really daunting.

Thankfully, most real-life vulnerabilities share the same root causes. And by studying these common vulnerability types, why they happen, and how to spot them, you can learn to prevent them and secure your application.

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Scraping websites built for modern browsers is far more challenging than it was a decade ago. jsoup is a convenient API that makes scraping websites trivial via DOM traversal, CSS Selectors, JQuery-Like methods, and more. But it isn’t without its caveat. Every scraping API is a ticking time bomb.

Real-world HTML is flaky. It changes without notice since it isn’t a documented API. When our Java program fails in scraping, we’re suddenly stuck with a ticking time bomb. In some cases, this is a simple issue that we can reproduce locally and deploy. But some nuanced changes in the DOM tree might be harder to observe in a local test case. In those cases, we need to understand the problem in the parse tree before pushing an update. Otherwise, we might have a broken product in production.

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Kubernetes offers developers tremendous advantages… if they can overcome the platform’s inherent complexities. It can be a big « if. » Without additional tooling, developers aren’t able to simply develop their applications on Kubernetes, but must also become experts in writing complex YAML templates to define Kubernetes resources. A relatively new tool called Shipa provides an application management framework that largely relieves developers of this burden, enabling dev teams to ship applications with no Kubernetes expertise required.

Having recently put the tool to the test, this article will demonstrate how to install and utilize Shipa to simplify Kubernetes and ease some common developer frustrations.

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Chaos testing is a subset of chaos engineering. Think of performance testing as a subset of performance engineering. Simply put, you break things on purpose and learn how you can make your systems reliable.

Gremlin Integration with LoadRunner Professional 2022

To integrate Gremlin with LoadRunner Professional 2022, the following prerequisites are required:

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It’s common for websites to have a subscription button, where you can pass along your email address, and you’ll receive emails every week, month, or day. Sometimes, these are automated emails, and sometimes they are custom posts written by an editor.

It’s also common to pay for this service, sometimes extortionately. In this article, I’ll show you it’s pretty easy to create your own, although you will obviously still have to pay for hosting. Let’s look at how to create an email subscription service with MongoDB and Node.JS.

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