Today, I’m pleased to announce a new way to work with the OmniSci platform: OmniSci.jl, a Julia client for OmniSci! This Apache Thrift-based client is the result of a passion project I started when I arrived at OmniSci in March 2018 to complement our other open-source libraries for accessing data: pymapd, mapd-connector, and JDBC.

Julia and OmniSci: Similar in Spirit and Outcomes

If you’re not familiar with the Julia programming language, the language is a dynamically-typed, just-in-time compiled language built on LLVM that can achieve or beat the performance of high-performance, compiled languages such as C/C++ and FORTRAN. With the performance of C++ and the convenience of writing Python, Julia quickly became my favorite programming language when I started using it around 2013.

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