GitHub Security for Repositories: Comparing WhiteSource Bolt, Snyk, Depshield, and GitHub Alerts

Millions of repositories are hosted on GitHub, and lots of projects hosted there make their way into your project as dependencies. Developers can just look for modules that cover their use-case and import it into their project, which is actually great! The not-so-great part about importing third-party code is that developers usually just ignore the security aspects of it altogether.

According to GitHub, its security scan for vulnerabilities in Ruby and JavaScript unearthed more than four million bugs, which sparked a significant clean-up effort by project owners. As demonstrated by Equifax’s massive data breach, vulnerable open-source software libraries may contain significant security repercussions. GitHub has made some improvements in terms of notifying the user about the security issues in their code, but the users are required to opt into their security alerts.

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