What Is NumPy?

NumPy is a powerful Python library that is primarily used for performing computations on multidimensional arrays. The word NumPy has been derived from two words — Numerical Python. NumPy provides a large set of library functions and operations that help programmers in easily performing numerical computations. These kinds of numerical computations are widely used in tasks like:

  • Machine Learning Models: while writing Machine Learning algorithms, one is supposed to perform various numerical computations on matrices. For instance, matrix multiplication, transposition, addition, etc. NumPy provides an excellent library for easy (in terms of writing code) and fast (in terms of speed) computations. NumPy arrays are used to store both the training data as well as the parameters of the Machine Learning models.
  • Image Processing and Computer Graphics: Images in the computer are represented as multidimensional arrays of numbers. NumPy becomes the most natural choice for the same. NumPy, in fact, provides some excellent library functions for fast manipulation of images. Some examples are mirroring an image, rotating an image by a certain angle, etc.
  • Mathematical tasks: NumPy is quite useful to perform various mathematical tasks like numerical integration, differentiation, interpolation, extrapolation, and many others. As such, it forms a quick Python-based replacement of MATLAB when it comes to Mathematical tasks.

NumPy Installation

The fastest and the easiest way to install NumPy on your machine is to use the following command on the shell: pip install numpy.

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